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Not everyone is born with the perfect set of pearly whites. For most, good dental hygiene is sufficient to maintain the perfect smile. However, dental hygiene carries a lot more weight. Whether it’s good breath or healthiness, good dental habits are crucial. Annually, Australia sees over 1 million dental prescriptions dispensed, reaffirming the necessity of regularly seeing a dentist in West Ryde.

Something as essential as dental health isn’t a one-step process. Read on for a detailed guide to approaching dental care and maintenance.

Nighttime Brushing

Everyone knows that brushing twice a day is a crucial aspect of dental care. One should brush before sleeping as it inhibits bacterial growth. Stuck food particles encourage bacterial and plaque growth. Overlooking night time brushing can result in bad breath, greater susceptibility to cavities and tooth decay.

Right Brushing Technique

Using the appropriate brushing technique is something one often overlooks. Brushing too hard damages the enamel and gums, while light brushing doesn’t remove existing plaque.

Take the time to brush slowly in circles, and remember that consistency is crucial. While visiting a dentist in West Ryde, don’t be shy to ask for a demonstration of appropriate brushing.

Tongue Brushing

Many overlook the importance of brushing their tongue. While it may be difficult for those with an over-sensitive gag reflex, it is still crucial. Plaque can also form on the tongue, leading to bad breath and sour tastes. Remember not to neglect tongue brushing while going about your daily dental health routine.


Choosing toothpaste might not seem like a huge concern, but it is. Fluoride is, by far, the best defence against tooth decay. The fluoride in toothpaste not only fights germs that cause decay but also protects the teeth temporarily. This extra layer of protection improves dental hygiene exponentially.


While flossing might be difficult for many, such as kids and adults with arthritis, one shouldn’t overlook it.

Flossing does more than removing stuck food particles from between the teeth. It stimulates the gums and prevents plaque buildup and inflammation.

For those who struggle with flossing, look at tools that make the practice easier. Flossing once a day can ensure that one has healthier teeth.


Drinking water benefits the teeth more than one assumes it does.

Apart from keeping you physically healthy by improving digestion, drinking more water can help in improving oral health.

Water flushes out stuck food particles and cancels out the impact of acidic or sugary foods.

Regular Dental Visits

Over 60% of the Australian population only visit the dentist when a visible dental problem presents itself. Regular visits ensure that no oral issue progresses past the initial phase. Addressing a problem early on can save one from unnecessary pain and expenditure. While seeing a dentist in West Ryde, don’t forget to schedule a regular appointment once every three months.

Sugary and Acidic Foods

The consumption of sugary or acidic foods like carbonated beverages is detrimental to one’s oral health. The sugar converts to acid in the mouth, eroding the enamel, leaving the tooth susceptible to decay.

While removing foods like coffee and candy from one’s diet is impossible, it doesn’t hurt to be more mindful about their consumption.


While mouthwash isn’t a necessity, it provides additional protection against tooth decay. It gets rid of any leftover food particles and leaves one with a fresh and minty breath. Mouthwashes also contain fluoride that kills any decay-causing bacteria.

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