Sun. May 26th, 2024
Google Introduces a New App Campaign Type To Re-Engage Existing Users

Google has announced that next year onwards, app campaigns that drive engagement may also have a custom prompt for users in search.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we at Logicloop would like to share some insights on this new upgrade.

Why Are App Campaigns for Engagement Necessary?

If you want your application users to visit your app on regular basis, then app campaigns for engagement are essential. These campaigns target the existing users of the app, bring them back, fostering their loyalty and increasing engagement.

How Do App Engagement Ads Work?

App engagement ads usually include an “installed” badge on your app icon to let the users know that they have already installed your app. You can add a few description lines and customize the button text to take users back into the app.

For this, you need to set up a deep link instead of a destination URL which can be set up by you or your app developer. Once the setup is done, you can see a confirmation of your app URI, which will define the location in your app at which the ads will send the customers or users.

What Will the New App Campaign Type Co?

Through this new app campaign type, you can re-target all your existing users who may have visited the app for a long time or who have previously added products in their cart and are likely to make in-app purchases. You can also promote an event or a sale through this app engagement campaign. Similar to other Google app campaigns, you submit ad copy, images, videos, starting bid and a budget. These ads are served dynamically across properties. The bidding part can be done best by an experienced agency providing PPC services in India.

The New Custom Prompt

A “custom prompt” upgrade will be included in the feed on Google. Com. This new upgrade will notify users that they can complete an action in the app.

Eligibility of Apps for This New Upgrade

For the new app engagement campaign, your app should have an audience size of at least 2,50,000 installs. These engagement campaigns should be set up under a different account from app install campaigns so you can optimize well for your defined campaign objectives.

Logicloop is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that can assist you in increasing the engagement on your app, and also optimize your ads well. We also offer PPC services in India to some leading brands. Connect with us, and we will help you connect better.

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