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Nest Audio

Back in 2016, Google revealed Google Home, which was the company’s first smart speaker. Since then, the Google Home has advanced from a small speaker with an inbuilt assistant voice to a full-size smart home hub – Google Nest Audio. This is the latest release from Google, besides the Nest Mini, and can do so much more than Google Home.

Google Nest Audio, just like Google Home, offers a wireless audio experience through Wi-Fi, Google Cast, or Bluetooth. Google Assistant is included and will always start with the usual “Hey Google” words. Moreover, just like its predecessors, the main function of Google Nest is to play audio media such as music or podcasts. Besides, it can integrate well with your smart home software. It can instruct your coffee machine to make your coffee. It can also read your daily schedule while you are still in bed, attend to other tasks or simply play in an online casino and claim vulkan vegas 50 free spins.

The design is much different from Google Home but similar to Nest Mini as the Nest Audio is constructed with recycled plastic fabric. It looks nice and is compact.


In summary, here are some of the features you will encounter in the Google Nest Audio speaker. 

  • Visible Features: The visible features included are a port and a mute switch. The port can be used to connect in the power plug, while the mute switch is for turning off the audio from playing. Other than these, the other features are hidden in the fabric. For instance, there are four LED lights at the front that can light up anytime you speak to the speaker or when adjusting the volume. At the top of the speaker are three touch buttons. Those on the left and right are for turning the volume up or down. The other button is for pausing or playing the music. 
  • Construction Materials: The outer part contains 100% recycled plastic while the inside is made of 70% recycled plastic and also magnesium and aluminium. 
  • Sound and Audio: Sound is pretty good and has a 50% more powerful bass than Google Home. It is also 75% louder than its predecessor was. There are also two features to make the speaker sound even better – Ambient IQ and Media EQ. The latter will tune the speaker automatically depending on what you are listening to. On the other hand, Ambient IQ will adjust the volume automatically depending on how noisy your home is. 
  • Price: The speaker is quite affordable and costs $89.99, which fits between the prices of $49 for the Nest Mini and $299 for the Google Home Max.
  • Ask and Trigger Commands: The user can ask the speaker questions or trigger instructions like turning the volume up or down. 


The Google Nest Audio is a nice upgrade to the original Google Home speaker. It is an affordable Google Assistant smart speaker and features more bass and better sounds and tunes. Besides, it is for anyone who loves eco-friendly products since it is made of recycled plastic. 

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