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The struggle is real when it comes to deciding which sector is better for employment. Most of us have been caught between two conflicting thoughts about which sector has a better scope of employment. The answer may not be that straightforward.

There are several advantages to both. Yet most Indians would go for a Sarkari Job. We have tried to pin down some of these reasons to understand why the trend has been more unilateral.

Work-life balance

As simple as it sounds work and personal life balance is very important when it comes to zeroing in on a prospective job. This factor is a big yes with jobs in the government sector. Several factors support your family time in govt jobs in India. These are;-

>> The number of holidays-

There are fixed offs on all government holidays unlike in the private sector where it depends on the management’s decision.

>> Leaves-

The government sector has sufficient leaves that enable you to take care of your family needs to. Some leaves like maternity and paternity leave although available in private firms too, are short and have lesser benefits available.

>> Fixed office timing-

Private organizations may boast of flexible timings but in a practical sense, this may be more of a bane than a boom. It would mostly translate into making employees work through nights to complete the projects. This on the other hand is not the case in the government sector.

Relocation policy

Barring a few private firms most will not allow you to choose your location of work. Relocating for most private employees becomes very difficult. Whereas Government jobs have a more relaxed policy on relocation for their employees. Hence in government jobs, a new location will not need a job switch.

Job notification and hiring process

How many times do you find yourself deprived of employment in the public sector due to a lack of awareness? I would say it is pretty common for us to miss out on such updates. On the other hand, the availability of a Sarkari Naukri is well-publicized in newspapers, news channels, and web portals extensively. The process too is more transparent for a government job than for a private job.

Job stability

Nobody can vouch on this for sure. Yet it is considerable to note the reasons why a government job is more stable-

>> Job security-

Government jobs without a doubt are more secure. Once you get the job except for a few very rare occasions your service will not be terminated by the employer. The same can never be said for a private employer. Private firms can shut down overnight and your job could be gone just like that.

>> Growth opportunities-

The best part about government jobs is that your promotions will be based on your seniority and your performance in the subsequent exams that they conduct. The details of these exams are also widely available on portals like Sarkari Result Naukri.  In private jobs, it could be difficult to get a promotion if you are not your bosses’ favorite.

Concluding words

The choice may not be as clear in many cases. The final decision should be yours based on your hopes and aspirations. Government jobs although offer more benefits such as retirement benefits and other perks. This type of job will give you more respect to among-st other things.


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