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Graphic Design College Birmingham

As design techniques and technologies increasingly change, you must demonstrate a willingness to adapt. It will show that you can express ideas through pictures. And you can show that you are eligible, committed, and attentive by having a certificate from Blue Sky Graphics. Both of them are qualities and strengths that can set you apart as a career seeker.

You will develop and strengthen certain skills by studying graphic design, which can improve your marketability as a job candidate. It can cultivate the creativity and continually challenge it. You must practise time control when all tasks are set for completion.


Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

Between Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, there is a differentiation. You probably already realise that Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are main aspects in the Adobe Creative Suite. However, you do not have a good understanding of what and what each method to use, particularly because these variations may confuse business professionals.

Understanding the distinctions is crucial in order to function better, as misuse can result in an unusable emblem, a sloppy text, or a blurred end. Learn more about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with us to function on all three, because if one application struggles, another fails. Blue Sky Graphics is a Graphic Design College Birmingham where you will learn it all.


The Systems’ Fundamentals

Divided by their basic roles, the three programmes are here:


Photoshop Adobe

Photoshop is a flexible application if it is employed properly. At the pixel stage, this works since it is a raster-based device and in Photoshop will pixelate your text files. For manipulating photographs, but not text files, Photoshop is suitable. This may also cause difficulties with the nature of published or web models.

For pixel editing and creation, banner ads, picture printing, motion graphics, and user interface designs, Photoshop is suitable. In the other hand, because you are unable to manipulate or expand the data as much as you would with the Illustrator file, Photoshop is not the best application for the logo. In order to recap, use Photoshop for:

  • Editing blogs and photo printing
  • Banner advertisement creation, user experience and motion graphics creation
  • Construction of site icons and pictures

Illustrator by Adobe

The Illustrator is very versatile, as anything from site designs and graphics to text documents can be made. It is a software focused on vectors, but it uses working lines and does not include information or pixels. This vector base means that it is optimised for modular design elements such as labels and logos.

In Illustrator, if you scale objects many times, they would not be distorted as often as in Photoshop. Select Illustrator to produce online graphics, full-page templates, and papers, but not to deal with photos and straight pictures or broad multi-page documents. For a description, use Illustrator when:

  • Build models for websites
  • Generate text photos

Create web or print documents, just not if there are very big multi-page articles,


InDesign Adobe

Adobe InDesign is designed for publishing material and is found mostly in complex book formats. It is also useful for updates, PDF files, brochures, notifications, and anything needed for main pages and various sites. InDesign was developed to enable users to gather and elegantly organise elements created both in Photoshop and in Illustrator.

InDesign is a vector-built app, like Illustrator, although the main distinction is that it focuses on the master and multiple page capacity while missing certain other features, such as picture editing. Nevertheless, you can customise any page with InDesign while also creating a master view with page numbers, logo, etc. InDesign’s text wrap functionality is much easier than it is in Illustrator

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