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Guide For Students: How to Pick Your Dream College

Every student after completing their higher secondary school studies is worried about how to pick up their dream college. Even after completing a bachelor’s degree, they need guidance about how to decide right college for their master’s degree. All over India, there are a number of government and private colleges and universities and due to this huge number students get too much confused about how to get the right college for themselves. Swarnim University found that this is really necessary for someone to come forward and guide the students. So here are some important tips for the students to decide on their colleges-

1) Entrance examination

There are several exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, etc. for the students so that they can get admission into the IITs, IIMs, NITs, etc. If a student clears such examinations then they get admission into the best college in the county based on the merit list. But there are lakhs of students who appear for the exams but the seats are very limited in these top colleges. So a lot of students are left for admission. These students need not worry because they can still take admission to top private institutes based on these entrance exam scores. 

2) Accreditation

If you opt for private colleges then you must check whether that private college/ university are having accreditations or not.  Accreditations are given by AICTE, ARIIA, and MHRD. These accreditations are very important because if any institute is having accreditations then only the students of that institute can take part in a government- affiliated courses. Thus, this is very important. Swarnim University was very advanced in this step and took accreditations from AICTE, ARIIA, AIU, and MHRD.

3) Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a very crucial point to be noted. The college infrastructure and environment always take a deep part in student development. Students leave their hometowns and go too far- off cities for studies and in such cases, good infrastructure is important so that students’ minds can remain healthy and not get trapped in homesickness. As per a survey, the institutes in Gujarat, have top- class interior design institutes. The Institutes in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have very home- like interior design and a warm environment so that students can feel like home and develop their skills for jobs. Swarnim University has also given a lot of focus to its interior design.

4) Campus tour

When you finalize your college/ university, you must visit the campus and check out how the campus is. It is often seen institutes have uploaded photos on their websites showcasing a high-class campus but in actuality, there are not the same and need a lot of maintenance. Thus, it is advisable to the students that before they take admission to any institute, they must first visit the campus and see how that campus is with all sorts of requirements like a library, cafeteria, playgrounds, hostels, etc.

5) The Staff

Everyone knows a company is good because its employees are good. Similarly, an institute’s education is good if they have good faculties, good hostel caretakers, sports coaches, training, etc. These entire aspects together make up the education quality in an institute very good and then the students can learn things better, develop their skills required by the company, do projects and pieces of training as the institute brings for them and eventually get an overall idea about the requirement of the companies. 

Swarnim University in Gandhinagar fulfills all these criteria and has much more pros when a student visits the campus. The interior design of the university is so amusing and eye- catching that students regarded it as the best interior design university Gandhinagar not only in Gandhinagar but in the whole of Gujarat.

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