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A Guide On Woo-Commerce

If you are a woocommerce SEO agency and are confused about how to get started, then this is the piece for you. For those of you who do not know, Search Engine Optimization for your eCommerce store is considered the equivalent of having someone being present on every street in the industry. By chance you have forgotten to optimize your woo-commerce store for SEO, there are high chances that you are lacking behind and are also missing on a lot of perks. This is one primary reason why we have prepared this entire guide that will help you enhance your woocommerce SEO and help you get more and more customers.

However, before moving forward, let us first cover the most essential factors.

wooCommerce is known as an open-source eCommerce plugin that is built in WordPress. It is something that allows you to leverage the strongest content management system. It is because of the open-source nature that you can build custom extensions without facing any hassle. Before getting started with your online store, most of them have a very common question which is how does woo commerce compare to Shopify, and is it SEO friendly or not? Well, if you are one of them, go through the mentioned below points.

Know whether WooCommerce is SEO Friendly or not?

There is no denying the fact that WooCommerce is very SEO friendly and it is at the top of WordPress which itself is considered as a good compliant when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Nevertheless, you can surely make use of the plugins and various methods to further enhance WooCommerce product SEO.

Once you get started with your online WooCommerce SEO, it is your choice whether you want to make use of things like pictures, product descriptions, themes, etc. It is you who is responsible for optimizing all the extra content that you add to your website.

WooCommerce SEO is considered to be an online procedure wherein you need to be on the top to enhance the growth of your business with more sales and traffic.

Now, you might be thinking about whether you need to make use of an effective WooCommerce SEO strategy? Now, this is where our guide will be useful to you. Continue reading!

  • Do not forget to perform the WordPress SEO Setup before getting started: As mentioned above, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Now this means you need to enhance your overall WordPress SEO setup before moving toward the tweaks of SEO. nevertheless, if you are in a hurry and you need to get things done quickly, do not forget to install and set up the SEO plugin on your website. Why using plugins is crucial is because you will be able to set up the right SEO fields for all your products and services.


  • Continue with writing the product SEO titles: Do you remember optimizing your blog posts for SEO? This is how you also need to optimize all of your individual WooCommerce products for SEO. Now while you are doing this, you need to understand that it is vital to write the product titles which by the way should be SEO friendly. All of these titles appear in the title bar of your browser and are further used by the search engines as the title of the search result of the customers. However, the title of your WooCommerce product can be different from the product one. Make use of the right keywords so that you get more and more customers. Remember to make it eye-catchy, attractive, and interesting. This is how you will get more and more customers. In addition to this, you need to remember that it is not vital to use titles that are not apt. If you do so, the customers will be confused and your website will be penalized in no time. 


  • Remember to add product SEO descriptions: Now that you have written the title, you will come across a box below wherein you need to add your own product meta description. Even though this description is not showcased on your website, there is no denying the fact that it will be used by the search engines to appear below your product title. It is your responsibility to make sure you make use of this description to offer valid reasons to the users to click and take a look at your product or service. Moreover, do not forget to use the right keywords. These are the keywords that were used in the title itself. This is who you will be able to boost on ranking for those keywords.


  • Optimize the slug of the product: Slug is the name of the product which is used by WordPress in your URL. By default, WooCommerce uses the title of the product as its slug. Nevertheless, there are times when the default slugs do not consist of the keywords which are apt. You can make some changes in the SEO settings of that product. Also, ensure using the main keyword in the slug and not making it very big.


  • Give a thought about enabling the breadcrumbs: Most of you might not be aware of the fact that breadcrumbs are apt for internal linking. The reason behind the same is it defines a clean path for the page you are on. These are the breadcrumbs that also appear in the search results providing you with more and more perks when it comes to the rankings. If you are wondering how to enable the breadcrumbs, all you have to do is go to the settings< search appearance page and click on the breadcrumb tab. After this you need to make sure that the breadcrumbs option is enabled. In addition to this, you can also go to the product category present in your breadcrumbs. Amidst this, do not forget to click on the save settings button. Now to display the breadcrumbs in your WooCommerce theme, you will have to add some codes. Just edit the header php file for the same theme and this is how you will be able to add the code in the end.


  • Use the product tags and categories in the right manner: Product tags and categories are something that helps you organize the products. This is what makes it very simple for the customers to find the product they have been seeking. In addition to this, categories and tags also help search engines in a similar method. Every tag and product category has its own page in WooCommerce which further is crawled and listed by the search engines. Now because these pages have the same products, this is what increases the density of the keywords and makes them more likely to rank higher. People who are new to this process often get confused in understanding the difference between tags and categories and end up creating a mess. to those of you who are new, categories are considered for the broad grouping of the products. If your store is the books, then the categories will be the table of contents. Next, tags are more particular keywords that explain the properties of the products.


  • Do not forget to add alt for product images: A number of customers switch to the image search option so that they can find the products easily. In order to help the owners of the website, Google has not removed the view image button from their image search results. Now this means that the users will have to visit your website if they want to see the image with the content.

Now these are the steps you need to follow if you wish to improve your WooCommerce SEO services. Keep them in mind and see how your business climbs the ladder of success. To gather more information about the same, feel free to consult the professionals. They will provide the right piece of advice and help you understand the concept in a better way.

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