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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 300,000 women give birth every year. Out of these numbers, approximately 90% would engage in breastfeeding based on the Australian National Infant Survey report. Because of this staggering practice for breastfeeding, nursing bras, Australia are gaining momentum in the market. If you are currently pregnant or have just given birth, here are some of the considerations you must know when buying your first maternity bra.

Why wear nursing bras

Comfort, convenience, and practicality are the primary reasons why many moms prefer to use nursing bras over regular ones when pregnant or breastfeeding. A nursing bra is specially designed to accommodate the growing breast and diaphragm size that naturally occur when a woman gives birth. It also comes without the usual underwire, which places pressure on the milk-producing ducts. When this happens, the flow of milk gets blocked and plugged, making the mom susceptible to infections.

Maternity bra designs

Unlike regular bras made from nylon fabric or lace, nursing bras made from cotton or bamboo do not irritate sore nipples. They also have a pouch where you can put in the nursing pads to soak in the excess milk that gets out. For added comfort, you can also get a bra with an option of detachable straps or one that can be worn in multiple ways.

Furthermore, some designs are made, especially for nighttime use. These types have double-layered cups so that you do not need to keep wearing pads throughout the night. Another kind of maternity bra that you may want to consider is a hands-free pumping type. This design is very suitable for moms who need to return to work. It is also perfect for going out. Its selling point is that its cups can keep the flanges of your pump in place so that you can freely use your hands to do something else like reading a book or typing on your laptop.

High-quality nursing bras, Australia are often equipped with a contour cup and Flexi-wire so that the breasts will not feel restricted. These types of bras are also able to adjust to the changing breast size throughout the maternity period. Some of the added characteristics that you can look for in a quality bra are the quick-drying and odor-free features.

Being a new mom should not stop you from feeling good about your body. Taking care of a baby is difficult enough; as such, having the thought that you can still feel sexy in a stylish bra can somehow add to your happy hormones.

Best time to buy

As mentioned, nursing bras generally conform to the size of one’s breasts. However, it is still impossible to know how big your chest might get during and after pregnancy.

As a rule, it is best to buy your maternity bra during your eight-month of pregnancy. By this time, your body has already gone through most of the significant changes. Meanwhile, if you will buy it after pregnancy, it is best to do your shopping three months after delivery. It would be best if you measure your breast during midday when they are at their fullest, so you can have an accurate size when you buy.

In a country like Australia that puts premium in maternal comfort and baby care, nursing bras have become a must. When it comes to buying these necessities, comfort, convenience, and practicality should be the first consideration. However, it also does help when the nursing bra that you are buying can also make you feel sexy.

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