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A faucet is a device used to pull water from a pipe and control how much water flows out. Kitchen, bathroom, shower, and bathtub faucets are standard fixtures in most homes, and eventually they will all need to be replaced. Let’s say one of your faucets breaks and you don’t have the money to replace it. It’s up to you to find someone to take their position.

You pick up any old facet you come across when searching for a new sink’s faucet since you can’t be bothered to research the manufacturer. To discover a brand that is identical to yours can set you back quite a bit of money, as you can see. You should know who made your faucet to prevent paying the extra money. The faucet supplier may be determined in a number of methods, including:

Look for the Company Logo.

Scrubbing the sink knobs and looking for brand names. It’s possible that dirt has built up on the logo or brand name, in which case you’ll want to give the faucet a quick spray with an all-purpose cleaner. Once you’ve finished spraying, wipe away the soap residue with a towel and check to see whether the sprayer’s handle or valve has a brand. It’s possible for the logo to be a combination of letters, a symbol, or any other form that’s meaningful to the company.

Examine the faucet’s components with a flashlight to make sure they are all in working order.

Manufacturers or shower head manufacturer warn that certain names may be too tiny or too subtle for easy rapid identification. Use a flashlight and approach it carefully in these conditions. Check the faucet’s curves and handles closely for any hidden logos or brand representations.

In search of Model Number

Without a logo, you’ll need to locate the model number printed on your facet. The method of identifying a logo may also be used to locate the model number of a faucet by cleaning its handles. The best way to view it is with a flashlight if you can’t. The majority of the model numbers are rather low; utilize it and examine every feature to have a closer look. Entering a model number into a search engine will lead you directly to the relevant manufacturer’s website if one is available.

You Need to Determine the Broach’s Length by Counting Its Splines and Stem

Identifying the broach, or the top of the stem that slides into the base of the handle, is the first step. Those notches in the broach are called splines. Due to the varying amount of splines used by various manufacturers, this method might prove to be a useful time saver. In order to count the splines, you must remove the cap and detach the handle from the faucet. In order to count, you’ll need to disassemble the faucet. Doing so requires caution and the following procedures:

The water must be turned off. The method for turning off a faucet varies depending on the specific model. Turn off the water supply at the shutoff valves located beneath each sink. Find the main water valve in the home and turn it off before taking a shower.

Take the handle off using a screwdriver. Depending on the tool’s handle, a screwdriver or an Allen wrench may be used.

After the screw has been removed or undone, the stem and handle may be withdrawn. Keep in mind that the handle may also come off with the stem, so select with care.

Mark one end with a marker or other obvious pen so you know where to begin. Locate the number of splines that go back to the original designated location.

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