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Height Increasing Boots

With September and October behind us, we’re halfway through autumn. That means those lovely fall days where we can warm up with just a nice cup of coffee or tea are going to fade away, making room for ever lower temperatures and more inclement weather.

Though for many people, the winter season means the start of the holidays, vacations, and time with family, it’s also the time when our wardrobes get pushed to their limits.

Dropping temperatures, snow, and ice force us to find new combinations of jackets, sweaters, scarves, and more to be able to make it about our daily business. Whether that’s the commute to work or heading out for a snow trip with friends on the weekend, not having the right gear can leave you shivering in the shadows.

In some places, winter might just be a blip, a few weeks of dustings of snow and temperatures that hover around zero before springing back up for spring time. If that sounds like you, you may be able to get away without adding too much to your wardrobe.

In others, however, the days grow far shorter and the storms are more serious. When you’ve got winter weather like that to face, it’s time to commit to upgrading your wardrobe.

And what better way to start off your winter wardrobe than with your boots?

Why Buy Elevator Boots For Your Personal and Professional Wardrobe

It’s clear why boots are a go-to for men’s winter fashion. Often made from thicker materials, they’ll keep your feet and lower legs protected from gusting winds and splashing water. Then, their solid grip can give a guy confidence as he walks on slippery materials and uneven roads.

But that’s not the only way boots can boost self-esteem. There are also a line of elevator boots, or height-increasing boots, that come with a built-in lift. If you’ve ever looked up fashion tips for making yourself seem taller, or felt held back in your personal or professional life by your height, these are definitely something to consider.

In the professional sphere, for example, elevator boots can help you see eye-to-eye with your coworkers. When giving presentations, you can hold a more commanding presence over the room. And when commuting or traveling for work, you can make better first impressions at travel lounges, in lobbies, and on location.

In your personal life, these kinds of boots can give you the confidence needed to spark up a conversation with that special someone. This isn’t to say any one pair of shoes has some magical touch, it’s just the simple way they shift your thoughts from worrying about your height – something you previously couldn’t control – to being more present and comfortable in the moment. When you can give that person your attention, instead of letting yourself be distracted by your height, you’re sure to have a better experience.

How Much Will Elevator Boots Increase Your Height

In those cold, blustery months, most people find themselves hunched over for warmth. With these elevator insoles which can add between 5 cm and 10 cm of height, you’ll find yourself standing upright and confident.

So whether you’re currently standing a bit below the average height for your country and would like to even up or you want to boost yourself to well above-average, elevator boots are a subtle, fashionable way to get there.

How do we know?

We scoured the internet for four all-important winter fashion categories: going to work, dealing with the rain, walking safely in the snow, and combating the cold.

Best Height Increasing Boots For Winter Work Outfits

Winter Work Elevator Boot: Men’s Black Elevator Boots

With shorter days and longer nights, winters can begin to feel dreary. Plus, most people are sporting heavy coats and rain gear that’s often dark gray or black.

Black boots offer a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that can effortlessly complement various outfits and styles. The neutral nature of black allows it to effortlessly blend with different clothing items. Whether you’re wearing jeans, chinos, or dress pants, black boots can add a touch of refinement to your overall ensemble.

Plus, the interior of these boots is lined with soft and plush fur, providing superior warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. The fur lining extends from the collar to the toe area, enveloping your feet in cozy insulation.

Best Height Increasing Boots For Rainy Weather

Rainy Weather Elevator Boot: Men’s Waterproof Work Boots That Add Height

For those on-the-road jobs or outdoors worksites, you don’t have to sacrifice your height just to make sure your feet stay dry and warm. This 7cm men’s boots with fur lined are ideal for long days out in tough weather situations. We may not all have the convenience of spending the entire day indoors, so it’s important to find the footwear that fits the job.

These waterproof leather boots will find their way into your professional rotation thanks to their durability, their design, and their impermeability.

Also, that sole is well-constructed and durable for when the winter weather turns wet, giving you the security and stability you need to commute with confidence.

Don’t forget to dry the rainwater on the uppers promptly after you get home to keep your shoes dry, which will prolong the life of your shoes even more.

Best Height Increasing Boots For Snowy Weather

Snowy Weather Elevator Boot: Men’s Height Increasing Boots

Standing tall in snowy weather is about more than just owning boots with a good grip. They’ll also need to keep your feet warm. That’s why we’re big fans of these men’s height increasing shoes, available with a lift of 7 cm.

Providing an enormous amount of security thanks to the varied patterns in the sole – detailed above – they also cover up well above the ankle. By tucking in your pants and adding a layer with taller socks, you get yourself the most protection possible against falling snow and cold temperatures.

Best Height Increasing Boots For Cold Weather

Cold Weather Elevator Boot: Elevator Black Leather Boots

If you’re looking for cold weather protection and to stand taller, consider these winter boots with 8cm lift. With biting winds and subzero temperatures, you should be looking for wardrobe pieces that help you to cover up.

Long coats and gloves are a good place to start, and these fur lined warm winter boots are a great companion piece. By lacing up through the lower shins, you keep more of your body sheltered from the cold so you can stay comfortable throughout the day.

The Best Place To Find Height Increasing Boots Online

Though Chamaripa is known for their height-increasing formal wear, their height-increasing athletic shoes, and their height-increasing sneakers, they also have a varied selection of height increasing boots.

For a winter wardrobe that’ll not only allow you to feel safer and more comfortable this season but also more confident, try on your own pairs of height increasing boots.

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