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The number of car accidents by uninsured drivers is increasing and this is where the insurance companies try to mislead you. There can be situations when a driver who has caused the accident does not have any insurance coverage. If you want to know about how to get Uninsured Motorist Insurance compensations, you are in the right place!

What is Uninsured Motorist coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage is one where you need to pay for the damages caused by the negligent driver responsible for the accident but doesn’t have an insurance coverage. In accident cases, the party at fault has pay for the damages but there are times when the drivers at fault do not have any insurance coverage. As you get to know that the driver at fault is uninsured, you need to immediately claim for the accident within the statute of limitation. 

The cost of settlement of uninsured coverage is not more than $15,000.  In case of minor damages, the payouts will be a lot less than the major ones. Whiplash is one of the most common complaints that are reported after an auto accident. In case of minor bodily damages, the compensation amounts will be less. In case you wish to get more from minor damages, then the case has to be brought inside a courtroom for trial. For major injuries like bone damage, then the average cost of settling the claim will be more above dollar 15,000. For surgical treatments, the amount may be more than $100,000. 

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How much compensation can you get from UM coverage?

The UM insurers have to pay fair compensations depending on the severity of the damages caused. However, the insurers are never willing to give the deserving compensations to the victim. In such instances, it is important to hire a professional attorney because they know how to deal with the tricks of the insurance companies. 

How much time is needed for settling such a case?

The time taken for setting a case would depend on the complexity of the case. It will vary from one case to the other. However, there are 2 factors that will depend on how much will be needed for settling the case:

  • The sum of Uninsured Motorist insurance limits
  • Severity of the damages

If the damage is more, and the limits are lower, the claims will get settled faster. This is because the at-fault driver does not have an insurance coverage and hence there is a pressure on him to compensate for the losses. The payouts will be getting delayed if you do not take help from a legal attorney. 

Things required for asserting a UM claim in San Diego

You need to follow a simple procedure for asserting a UM claim. Failure to abide by the process can result in loss of your rights to sue and receive compensations. 

  • It is important to establish that the negligent party is uninsured. 
  • File an SR-1 and then you need to get an SR-19 from the DMV.
  • Consider the time limitations within which the lawsuit has to be made (2 years from the accident date)
  • File a lawsuit against the driver at fault

When you file a case against the driver at fault, make sure that you inform your insurance company or else there are high chances of losing the claims! In this regard, hiring a professional attorney will be the best choice.  

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