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CBSE exams are becoming more and more difficult and challenging. Focus and smart work are two methods that can ensure great performance in the exams. Moreover, with the increasing competition, students have to work harder in order to get good grades and outdo their fellow classmates. CBSE board makes every exam challenging for the students but it is the Mathematics exam which is feared by the students most.

Mathematics as a subject involves lots of practice on a daily basis. Clarity of basic concepts and formulas is very essential in order to ace every test and exam. It is the only subject where students work to get full marks if the solutions and steps to solve the problem are correct. However, with the increasing complexity of the problems it has become essential to provide the students with essential study material which can further help them to improve their understanding of the subject.

Class 7th is termed as the most important year in a student’s academic life as they have to build a stronger base for the 8th class board exams. It is considered to be a defining moment for success in board exams.

Students can perform well in the exams with support from their parents and teachers along with access to appropriate study material for 7th CBSE maths.

Study materials can include a lot of things bit students must consider the following guidelines in order to crack the maths exam:

  1. Solving NCERT questions thoroughly:

It is important to study each and every question of the NCERT book thoroughly. Students must try to solve every question by their own hands in order to have a better understanding of the chapters and the concepts. CBSE board also guides the students to focus on NCERT questions for better grades.

  1. Studying smart:

It is important to study hard but at the same time, a student must study smart at the time of exams. Students need to cover a wide syllabus in a short period of time which requires a source that can help them with this task. Online courses on Edusaksham cam help with this process. Study materials like tutorials, CBSE previous year papers, mock tests, and NCERT solutions are organized in such a way that students are able to quickly revise their syllabus efficiently.

  1. Focus on chapters which are important:

Students should focus on important questions and chapters which carry higher weightage. This increases their scope for higher scores in the exam.

Chapters like mensuration, area and perimeter, graphs, algebra, probability, and permutation & combination should be completed first while preparation of exams.

  1. Take mock tests and completing worksheets that can be used by students for self-evaluation. They can analyze their progress which in turn decides their success in the exam.
  2. Clarification of doubts at regular intervals is also necessary in order to remove any ambiguity at the time of revisions of chapters.

Apart from all the above guidelines, students should keep their calm during exam time. They should prepare a schedule with proper rest intervals and must stick to it for proper preparation. A good night’s sleep before the exam is also important. Students can even search for class 7 CBSE maths study material online and must include them in their preparation to ensure excellent performance in exams.

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