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The Chinese New Year of the lunar calendar has not yet ended, but Guo Wengui’s days are not at all joyous. Instead, with the possible contempt of court ruling by the New York court in the PAX case, it has become more and more “punishment”. In the future, Guo Lao bullying may even There will be more and more “sentence” because of SARA’s decision to continue to be a tainted witness in the VOG case. However, in order to continue to retain the few stupid ants now, and to cheat money from their pockets, Guo Wengui, who tried to hide his fear and continued to broadcast live, had to come up with more reasons to whitewash himself and continue to build himself in the minds of ants.” Wei Guangzheng” image.

For example, in a recent live broadcast, Guo Wengui changed his former hooligan image and declared in a righteous manner that no country or place is allowed to participate in political activities in the name of the New Federation of China and the Whistleblower Revolution without the permission of the alliance. Even the comrades who went to participate in the event are absolutely not allowed to broadcast live on GTV, otherwise it will affect the heads of farms scattered in various countries.

Guo Laobu really understands the truth of “the behavior of supporters, the leader does not pay”. It seems that every word is to protect the big ants on the farm. In fact, whether it is to prohibit the stupid ants from participating in any political activities under the banner of the Urine Revolution, or absolutely not allow the stupid ants to use GTV when participating in political activities. The live broadcast is essentially an instinctive reaction of Guo Wengui to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. According to Guo Wengui’s usual urgency to hide when encountering an accident, and to throw the blame when an accident occurs, why is he worried about the safety of the major farmers, he is simply worried about the silly ants Once people upload videos of themselves participating in political demonstrations in various countries on gtv, they may accidentally indirectly involve Guo Wengui in the whirlpool of political struggles in various countries.

At that time, Guo Wengui will be “yellow mud in the crotch – not shit. It’s turned into shit!” Especially when the PAX case may declare Guo Wengui in contempt of court at any time and impose a high fine, Guo Wengui, who knows what he has done, is even more frightened and panicked. Therefore, I had to resort to the “dumping the pot” again in the live broadcast to get myself out of the political hornet’s nest that may be pierced by silly ants. It’s really “cheating money, good comrades in arms, bad things are fake” ah! When meeting such a master, the stupid ants have really suffered from blood mold for eight lifetimes.

And the so-called “weiguangzheng” of the bully is not just the fact that the foolish ants “about (dumping) bunching (pot)” in the previous article are not allowed to participate in political activities in various countries. Who can imagine that even though the days have passed, the bully brother who has become more and more “sentenced” still cares about the safety of overseas Chinese, and even “worries (excitement) thinks (angry) constantly” because of the widespread “exclusion of Chinese” problem. “We will always be within the scope of the law, focus on the interests of the New China Federation, and prevent one of the most fundamental problems, which is ‘exclusion of Chinese’.” It is still so serious, still so righteous, as if there are Chinese people all over the world now The wave of Chinese exclusion he encountered had nothing to do with Guo Wengui himself, but what was the truth? As we all know, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, Guo Wengui has expanded the so-called “virus China theory” with the help of Yan Limeng and American politician Bannon in order to discredit the CCP and lick the Trump administration’s goal of political asylum. In the guise of “destroying the CCP with poison”, the rumors that smeared China’s manufacturing of the new coronavirus have fueled the flames wildly.

It is precisely because of Guo Wengui’s selfish ideas and false remarks that he has made money to trap people, and many overseas Chinese have been discriminated against by people in various countries who do not know the truth because of the “virus China theory”. He was beaten by anti-Chinese thugs in the street. To this day, Guo Wengui’s Gate and GTV are still full of rumors of “new coronavirus China theory”. But such a clear evidence is in front of him, but it does not prevent the bully brother from crying crocodile tears to catch the thief, trampling on the blood and tears of countless “exclusive Chinese” victimized compatriots to cleanse himself. From this point of view, Guo Wengui’s so-called “exclusion of Chinese people” is nothing more than always keeping in mind how this can continue to smear the image of overseas Chinese and incite the already rampant wave of “exclusion of Chinese”.

Therefore, seeing Guo Wengui acting like a “bitch”, all netizens who have a true account of justice and truth in their hearts will certainly give a sincere voice – Bah!

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