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Enjoy Your Hajj Vacation With Exclusive Advance Hajj Packages From Leading Tour Providers

With more than forty years of experience, we are happy to announce 3 wonderful Hajj Packages for 2021 that will suit any budget. Be sure to read each article in detail so you get a clear idea of what is available for you. The first is the “Silver Pack” which includes an extended stay hotel room, a suite with or without a private bath and parking for up to 4 days. This package also offers a delicious traditional cuisine dinner on the day of the Hajj.

The “Gold Pack” includes a four-day stay in a premium five-star hotel, with unlimited hot drinks and dry cleaning, access to an exclusive gym, a heated swimming pool, a delicious traditional cuisine dinner, morning guests at our spa, and a return flight on the same day. The “Platinum Pack” includes an extended stay hotel room, a private deck and sun bed, access to a heated pool, breakfast in the morning, a heated swimming pool, and a choice of two evening meals. The “Caravan” is a unique opportunity to enjoy a romantic, delicious break in one of our spacious luxurious tents. This package includes a stay in a spacious luxury caravan complete with comfortable and luxurious amenities such as an indoor heated swimming pool, an en-suite bathroom, a comfortable king-sized bed, our signature cocktails, tea and coffee making facilities, and all the comforts needed for a wonderful retreat.

There are other fantastic deals available to you as well. You can also try the “Korbit Barka” experience, “Aabara” experience, or “Bayna-Suttee” experience. As always, it’s important to note that the prices for these packages vary from one travel agent to another. Therefore, it is important to check various rates before you book your trip. Some travel agents in India also offer their own special Madinat Jumeirah discount flights.

Another affordable hajj packages deal in India is the “noon-in-arms” option offered by our sister site, dawn travels. Here, you’ll be treated to a buffet lunch in one of our restaurants. You will then proceed to a two-course gourmet dinner in one of our restaurants. The package also includes a free welcome drink and guided shopping of local markets, where you can pick up a wide variety of souvenirs at exorbitant prices. The buffet lunch is available on alternate days and will allow you to continue to enjoy delicious meals while touring the cities of India.

One of the most popular hajj packages in India is the “night makkah”. Makkah is considered the final gathering for all devotees before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. This is a customary time for Muslims to get together and share spiritual nourishment and good wishes.

What Is An Hajj Visa And How To Apply

Most travelers who have opted to partake in cheap India hajj packages will opt for an inexpensive, or “night-meal” option, offered by our sister site, dawn travels. Night-meals usually consist of a three-course meal with traditional side dishes like pachadi dal, sharichan and pachadi chutney. You will be served by some of the best chefs in the region and will receive special hospitality when you join a larger group of pilgrims. You will not have to sit for the customary prayer, as long as you wish, nor will you have to remove your shoes and socks, as is the case for the vast majority of hajjis performed in India.

The third most popular Umrah visa deal in India is the “all-inclusive” option. This package is available from both India’s most popular tour operator, Tourism India, as well as from a number of other premium tour operators… read on! These all-inclusive packages include not just airfare to Jeddah, but also all of your meals, accommodations, sightseeing, and transportation within Jeddah, as well as any other destination you may wish to visit while on your trip. A “One Night Stay” is often required for this option; so be sure to include this in your itinerary. Most “night stays” are for an economical price, often under US $25 per night.

We have just introduced three of the most popular tour packages currently available from India’s leading leisure and travel companies. Our next installment will focus on the “night stays” in Jeddah. To complete your Jeddah Hajj Tour, we strongly recommend that you complete all of our other Hajj Guide Packages from our website. In addition to being able to plan your flights, accommodation, sightseeing activities, and other excursions at your convenience, you will also receive expert Jeddah travel information, helpful local knowledge, and recommendations about local attractions and restaurants. By following all three of our Hajj Packages, you will ensure that you have the most unforgettable experience possible during your visit to the holy city of Hajj.

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