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Handsome Squidward The Two-Face Meme That Got Viral

The social world is constantly on the rise and people are spending more time on their smartphones than in front of their televisions and radios, and platforms like Instagram and YouTube are not only earning big but also improving their database so that they can grab more people into their algorithm. So talking about memes they are the new fun way for people to convey different types of messages to one another and entertain the world with new and creative ideas that can be shared. Also adding to this they are quick and easy so social media has turned into a content creator and memes are the glue that holds these online communities together.

Coming to the topic now, Handsome Squidward is another one of those popular memes that started from the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants and entered big on the social world.

What is the Story behind Handsome Squidward?

Well, this meme went viral because it was connected to the popular cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants and the idea was from the ‘Two Faces’ Episode in which Squidward goes to sleep while a bunch of goldfish chants ‘handsome handsome’ outside his house all night.

Continuing that, the next morning Squidward’s face really becomes handsome which was accidentally made by Patrick and SpongeBob, and therefore this meme is used on people who suddenly start looking too handsome and attractive.

How did kids respond to the Handsome Squidward Episode?

Like many cartoon episodes, Handsome Squidward Episode was fun to watch and became one of the favorite memes used by people, and the episode has been described as weird and has generated memes and fan reactions on many platforms such as YouTube and Reddit.

How did kids respond to the Handsome Squidward Episode

As far as kids are concerned, SpongeBob SquarePants has been running on television for quite a while now and kids enjoy watching the underwater comedy that goes on in the cartoon and also the characters of Patrick and SpongeBob.

How far has the Handsome Squidward Meme been Spread?

Back in November 2008, a person named SilverWingedBandit dropped a loop on YouTube called “Sleeping Squidward” or “Squidward’s Open Eyes” that featured our beloved Squidward who was casually opening his eyes, but little did they know that they were planting the seed for what we now call the Squidward Handsome face meme and what is loved and shared by millions of people.

Adding to that, the meme has been spread on YouTube and Instagram and has received a lot of views that surpass any other meme and is still used by many people during simple conversations in their chat.

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How do People Use this Meme?

  • As Fan Art

People have all sorts of ways to use memes and the Squidward Meme was used as fan art and redraws for over a decade because people just love the appearance and the sudden change in Squidward’s personality that was shown in the cartoon.

  • Used as remixes

The meme has been viral for a long time and has been used on several platforms like YouTube and Instagram where people have changed the background music and used it with different-different sound effects to make it interactive and eye-catching.

  • Video Games

Several video games have also used this meme in their interface and have tried to catch the interest of gamers by offering them different gaming skins of the Squidward Meme.

  • Merchandise

The meme has also inspired many merchandise like Funko Pop’s special edition figure that shows the Squidward figure on it and led to a worldwide sale despite some legal issues related to it.

Can Anyone use this Meme to Boost their Brand Selling?

Well, the Handsome Squidward meme has been used by many people and organizations in the form of advertising and brand-boosting without getting into any legal issue being tied to it, and therefore, it might be so that anyone can use this meme in any way they want without worrying about the legalities behind it because there are not any.

Can Anyone use this Meme to Boost their Brand Selling

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In what Ways Can One use the Handsome Squidward Meme?

  • Social Media Posts

Many companies who regularly work on social media to increase their brand awareness can use this meme and catch hold of many SpongeBob viewers and spread their own ideas with it.

  • YouTube Shorts

Because there is a big fan following of SpongeBob, the meme can be used in the form of videos and shorts and could easily attract people of all ages towards their brand or services and become a good idea for people to promote their work.

  • Instagram Reels

This social media platform is also becoming worldwide famous and could be a way to promote your brand by creating a funny and attractive story surrounded by this particular meme and then used as an opportunity to sell or market your brand.

  • On Websites

Well if there are any websites that need a little boost up and there is a lot of bounce rate even after making efforts then we advise you can use the pictures or snapshots of this meme and used it one your website in order to stop people from scrolling away and grab their attention.

  • As Posters

This is also a good idea that could be used as a strategy by organizations and small firms to drive traffic toward them and give a little exposure to the wide audience, so, one can add a little glimpse of the handsome character and use it in their background or so to attract the ones who are familiar with that cartoon.

Final Words On Handsome Squidward

In conclusion, we would like to say that this meme has somehow changed the game and entered the social world with a blast, leaving all other memes behind in the race. Adding more to that, companies have used it in many places so that they can advertise their stuff by catching hold of people’s eyes and making something out of it, and so you can also do that without any trouble or legal issues.

And so, with that, we end our blog and hope that all things regarding the Handsome Squidward are covered here.

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