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Ivy’s Mukta Medicine

Today, many people prefer Ayurvedic medicine because it does not have any side-effects. Although, it responds gradually, but yet it does not cause problems such as drowsiness, nausea, etc. So, people with chronic diseases such as elevated blood pressure, acidity, diabetes, joints pain, or weak immune system usually prefer ayurvedic medicine.  The primary aim of Ayurveda is to balance the three energies of the human body namely fire, water and air. The human body is basically a combination of these energies and they should energies should be balanced.

Blood pressure

Usually, people with hypertension consume 2 to 3 tablets daily as prescribed by the doctor. But they feel drowsy for some time. But Ayurvedic medicine also helps the patients to control their blood pressure. The most popular ayurvedic medicine for blood pressure is Ivy’s Mukta Vati and it also purifies the blood in the body, protecting the liver and the heart also. So, the ayurvedic doctors suggest that the patient should follow a healthy dietary pattern, perform workouts, and also lead a healthy lifestyle. So, Mukta Vati medicine provides the following advantages.

  1. Regulating the blood pressure
  2. Improving memory
  3. Purifying blood
  4. Reducing stress and anxiety
  5. Reducing the inflammation of the body
  6. Protecting the heart and the liver of the body
  7. Cures insomnia
  8. Mind activation

If the systolic number is above 120 and the diastolic number is above 100, then a person suffers from blood pressure. The blood pressure usually increases with age and such persons should always take precautions. If hypertension is uncontrolled, then it affects the cognition process, memory, sex life, and kidneys. People with hypertension usually consume beta blockers, diuretics, and vasodilators, but they have some side-effects.

But according to Ayurveda, hypertension means an imbalance of these three energies or Doshas. When the ‘fire ‘element in the body becomes excessive, it leads to blood pressure. So, to correct the Doshas, the person should follow a healthy dietary pattern, lead a healthy life and also perform workouts. The different herbs suggested for such people are Tribulus Terrestris, Terminalia, and various anti-oxidants. So, Mukta Vati online is available and the people with hypertension can buy the medicine anytime.

The people with hypertension problem also should consume healthy foods such as banana, grapes, guava, and include bitter gourd, garlic, drumsticks during meals. They should quit smoking and alcohol. In the morning, they should take basil leaves or need leaves, boil them and drink the juicy part.

The medicine Mukta Vati contains useful ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, convolvulus pluralism, Tinospora cordifolia, etc.  This medicine should be consumed before eating specifically in the morning or an hour before dinner. Other ingredients such as amla or ashwagandha help in reducing blood pressure. A person with high blood pressure should not rely only on Ayurvedic medicines, but they should also consume allopathic pills. A person undergoing allopathic treatment should not suddenly stop consuming these pills and choose only Ayurveda because their B/P levels cannot be controlled. They should first lead a healthy lifestyle, then follow a healthy dietary pattern, and also undergo allopathic treatment. Then as the BP level is controlled, they can reduce their daily pills.

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