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Healthcare Marketing Tactics

The Goal Posts Are Always Moving

Here’s the truth about anything as pertains to marketing: what worked a decade ago likely won’t have the same effect today, and what works today likely won’t work the same a decade into the future. This reality has compounded substantially owing to modern technology. Previously, marketing effectiveness continued to shift—but more slowly.

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Today, Moore’s Law intervals (which are between a year and eighteen months, depending on who you ask) are almost descriptive of the marketing cycle. Just look at the news cycle in a given week. Something a week in the past feels like ancient history. Well, because of the internet, a similar thing is happening as pertains to marketing.

People recognize old techniques, and about the time everybody figures out to use them, they’re past fresh. Something else is the new “hit marketing strategy”. As pertains to medical marketing, the same reality applies. So to keep ahead of that, in this writing we’ll briefly go over a few best practices regarding medical digital marketing for surgeons.

  1. Community Outreach And PR

The best marketing is that which you could never buy. If you can get the local news station in your community to do a positive piece on your healthcare operation, that’s the kind of Public Relations that marketers dream about. However, there’s no way to “force” that kind of marketing legitimately.

However, there is a way to effect community outreach in such a way that it’s newsworthy. Blood drives, complementary health screenings, incorporation of government programs for underprivileged local groups—if you can “tap in” to any of these things in a way that doesn’t break the bank for your clinic, you should.

Beyond getting positive free marketing, you’re “sowing good seed”, as it were, in reference to your clinic. Do this legitimately, and it will result in positive outcomes when the time is right. Plus, this kind of marketing tends to work regardless of technological shifts in the market. It’s about the closest thing to an “evergreen” marketing strategy you can find.

  1. Incorporation Of SEO

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Something else that makes a lot of sense is utilizing Search Engine Optimization tactics. Production of about sixteen pieces of well-written content every month, at around 500 to 600 words to a piece, and properly calibrated for best visibility according to SEO tactics, can definitely increase traffic to online websites as well as your physical clinic.

Certainly, properly pursuing SEO campaigns is a little bit complicated. Also, as pointed out earlier, the “goal posts” are always moving when it comes to marketing. If you want to run a successful online marketing strategy, you might want to look into this site offering tips as regards an SEO campaign for doctors.

  1. Maintaining A Regular Presence Locally And Online

You want to regularly produce content for best results. That takes time, and it can be a bit difficult. However, utilizing social media and outsourcing your online marketing to SEO groups can produce this outcome. The larger and more recent your online footprint, the more likely you are to show up in the top of SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages.

Maximizing Marketing Impact For Your Healthcare Practice

Marketing is fundamental for best results in terms of profit for any business. Just because you’re in healthcare doesn’t mean you’re immune from the need. The truth is, if you’re going to be properly visible, you’ll need some sort of localized marketing strategy.

Organically utilizing PR, incorporating the latest SEO best practices for medical institutions, and maintaining a regular online presence can all go a long way to helping you see the best results in this area.

Lastly, even if you don’t follow these tips, be savvy enough to seek marketing consultation designed specifically for healthcare businesses. That can help keep you apprised of things that might have been missed here, or could be totally unknown to the market.

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