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Cutting-edge cooling technology combined with various outstanding features makes Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifiers an ideal companion for staying cool during hot summer days

Rapid and Deep Cooling with Block Cooling Technology

Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifiers (May loc nuoc tich hop nong lanh) are equipped with a durable Block cooling system that rapidly cools water to a low and stable temperature. This exceptional cooling technology is based on an excellent compressor, ensuring the device efficiently cools water to as low as 6°C and maintains this temperature consistently.

The Block cooling system’s robust performance not only guarantees optimal cooling efficiency but also demonstrates durability throughout its operation. Currently, Mutosi offers a 20-year warranty for water purifiers equipped with the Block cooling system.

Block cooling technology is considered superior to electronic chip cooling solutions due to its longer lifespan and superior cooling capabilities. Block cooling systems can cool water at lower temperatures, faster, and more reliably. Moreover, they consume less electricity, contributing to cost savings for families using water purifiers.

In addition to its advanced cooling capabilities, Mutosi Hot and Cold Water Purifiers feature an instant hot water mode using direct heating. Users can quickly and conveniently dispense hot water at temperatures ranging from 95°C to 100°C, with the ability to customize the temperature and water flow to suit their specific needs. This feature ensures that the product meets a wide range of daily water usage requirements for both individuals and families.

The Mutosi MP-100HIC comes with an instant heating mode, capable of providing hot water at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius in just 1 to 2 seconds.

Hydrogen and Probiotic Enriched Water – Japanese Standard Health

Apart from the advanced RO Slitec filtration membrane that ensures 99.99% pure and clean water, Mutosi’s new generation of Hot and Cold Water Purifiers adds Hydrogen and Probiotics to deliver Japanese standard health benefits.

Hydrogen-enriched water is known for its remarkable health benefits. It has strong antioxidant properties, helping eliminate free radicals to boost the immune system and prevent diseases. High pH levels in water can also neutralize excess acidity, maintaining a healthy internal environment. This water is particularly favored by those seeking anti-aging effects, improved skin and hair health, and overall well-being.

The Mutosi Pro is equipped with an electrolysis technology with a membrane barrier that helps create hydrogen-rich water, offering numerous health benefits to the people who consume it.

Probiotic-enriched water has a significant impact on maintaining a healthy digestive system and enhancing immunity. The inclusion of FDA-certified Livespo probiotic strains in the water purifiers helps eliminate harmful bacteria while introducing beneficial bacteria to balance the gut’s ecosystem. These probiotics stimulate vitamin synthesis and enzyme production, making nutrient absorption more effective and keeping the body strong and healthy.

The Mutosi Probiotics has the ability to supplement probiotic strains that support a safe and healthy digestive system.

Mutosi’s commitment to continuous development and improvement drives the brand to release new generations of high-quality, multifunctional Hot and Cold Water Purifiers. These products provide smart features that cater to a wide range of usage scenarios, offering safe and convenient water supply options while contributing to the Japanese-standard health and well-being of the Vietnamese community.

Looking for an alternative to hot and cold water purifiers? Check out May loc nuoc may for affordable purified water solutions.

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