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Legumes and beans are common around the globe because of their nutritional content. These are a powerhouse containing lots of vitamins and fiber. If you want to become a vegan, you will need them as a meat replacement. Undoubtedly, legumes and beans promote several health benefits, such as decreasing blood sugar levels, cholesterols and improving healthy bacteria in the gut.

As a fiber-filled and protein-rich variety, these are suitable for your main and side dishes. You can make them star in your recipes. Feel free to swap them for meat in burger patties and tacos. See the details of healthy legumes and beans available to promote clean eating.

Black Beans

Black beans are rich in folate, protein and fiber. A cup of black beans (172 grams) contains almost 15.2 grams of protein, 227 calories, 15 grams fiber and 64$% folate. If you want to lose weight, black beans will help you in this journey. After consuming beans, you will feel full for longer.

You can find the best recipes for black beans at McKenzie’s Foods. These are good to decrease the spike of sugar level in blood after having meals. Black beans have quercetin (a polyphenol in the plant) that promotes anti-inflammatory benefits. By including black beans in your diet, you can decrease the possibility of artery buildup, plaque and atherosclerosis because of high cholesterol.

Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans

Again, chickpeas have protein and fiber. By consuming chickpeas, you can decrease the chances of heart diseases and cancer. Moreover, these are good to reduce weight. A cup of chickpeas (164 grams) has 14.5 grams of protein, 269 calories, 71% folate and 12.5 grams fiber.

These are suitable to decrease blood sugar and increase the sensitivity of insulin as compared to high-carb foods. It will help you to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. As a result, you can decrease the chances of heart disease. Remember, your gut has beneficial bacteria that play an essential role in your health. Chickpeas have gut-friendly fiber; therefore, these are really beneficial.


For vegetarian protein, you can choose lentils. Feel free to add them to stews and soups. Moreover, a cup of 198 grams of cooked lentils has 17.9 grams of protein, 15.6 grams fiber and 230 calories. These are good to decrease your blood sugar level.

Indeed, lentils are beneficial for your gut. You can see improvement in bowel function by consuming lentils. Finally, you can consume lentil sprouts for your heart to decrease bad LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol.

Kidney Beans

People frequently consume kidney beans with rice to decrease the sugar level in the blood. In a cup of kidney beans, you will get 215 calories, 13.6 grams fiber and 13.4 grams of protein. Undoubtedly, these are high in fiber and slow down sugar absorption in your blood.

By eating kidney beans and rice, you can decrease a sudden increase in blood sugar after meals. Moreover, kidney beans prove helpful to reduce fat mass and body weight. If you want to lose weight, you can include kidney beans in soups and salads.

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