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Old or new smokers always have the question- is a dry pipe better than a water pipe? However, both dry and water pipes have their advantages and disadvantages- there is no strict comparison between these two pipes. If someone is comfortable with a water pipe, then he will only recommend the same pipe- so it is a matter of personal preference.

In this write-up, we have gathered some basic information about water pipes and their incredible benefits that you can enjoy. Read on!

What Is Water Pipe ?

Water pipes are also known as smoke pipes- just like bongs or bubbler, a water pipe is defined as a kind of tube that consists of a filled bottle or vertical tube. Water pipes have a bottle or pipe filled with water that served as a filter and cools the smoke. Moving on, water pipe makes smoking easy and less jarring, which makes the water pipes popular among users. Water pipes are made of different materials, including clay, acrylic, silicone, and the most popular glass. Moreover, you can buy water pipes wholesale in different sizes and basic functions- even you can buy customized water pipes according to your preference.

Advantages Of Water Pipes:

There are a number of advantages you can have with water pipes, and here we have listed some of them; take a look!

Cold Smoke:

It is no more secret that water pipes are less fussy and irritating than other pipes, and this nature naturally makes water pipes a preferred choice for the consumers out there. Even for beginners, water pipes can be the best deal.

Once the herb or other material is placed into the pipe for smoking, the pipe naturally filters them and cools them down before you inhale them. This way, you can enjoy the better hit for a longer period without irritating your throat. This natural cooling process also modifies the active compounds that are quite strong in taste- means water pipes are a great rescuer for those who do not like the strong taste.


Moving on, besides the cooling effects of the water pipe, it can also act as a strong filter for herbs. Many devices come with no filter or a mild filter function which does not provide the expected effects. But many water pipes come with one to four built-in percolators, which boost the efficiency of the filtration system that reduces the probability of taking toxins.

Highly Effective:

With a water pipe, you can take more smoke with longer hits at a time- a hit with it will give you a smooth experience than other pipes- but again, it depends on a personal preference. With water pipes, the smoke you take is higher as the smoke is cooler and smoother, which means you can hold it for a good period of time without affecting your throat. Besides, you can also enjoy other benefits by using ice water, ice catchers, or even warm water to make your experience different. What type of water you want to add, you can add easily.

More Variety:

Water pipes offer much more variety and accessories than dry pipes; here are the types of accessories available to personalize your smoking experience;

  • Downstems
  • Screens
  • Precoolers
  • Nails
  • Bowls
  • Quartz bangers and more

If you are a person who loves to experiment, then a water pipe will be an ideal choice for you.

Less Odor:

When it comes to the odor of the original substance, then a water pipe should be your best call. When you use water pipes, then you do not have to worry about the regular and earthy aroma of your herb or substance you are having. However, here it is important to clean your water pipe regularly; otherwise, the leftover or the resin can inhibit the original flavor or taste of your herb.

All the above list benefits make water pipes a preferred choice of users out there; however, it completely depends on a personal choice. Dry pipes also come with a number of advantages that make them different from other devices. However, whenever you choose your preferred smoke pipe, ensure to do proper research about the product, its functions, and the seller to have a smooth experience.

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