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queen size mattressqueen size mattress

A queen size mattress is usually the first choice for couples who like to cuddle up to each other and favour the additional space around their bed to move effortlessly around their room. 

So if you plan on including furniture like a nightstand, dresser, a reading chair and so on within your new bedroom, it might be a great idea to buy a queen size mattress. If you are planning to buy a mattress online, you might be wondering why queen size mattresses are becoming so popular in India. Let’s take a look:

Queen Size Mattress Vs. Double Mattress

A regular queen size mattress comes with an additional five inches in length and seven inches width than a double mattress. Even though the number difference might seem very small, but these extra few inches means additional space for your partner and you to sleep together comfortably.

Be it for an individual, the guest room, teenager’s room or even a couple, and surprisingly a queen size mattress is getting popular among different types of user needs. One more reason for queen-size mattresses to get very popular in India is that queen-size bed dimensions are standard, making it very easy to find bedside accessories and quality bed sheets that compliment the decor.

With space becoming a matter of luxury in most towns and cities, apartments and houses are getting smaller and smaller in total size. This is again making the queen size one of the most recommended mattress sizes. A queen size mattress easily fits into an average-sized room and still leaves ample space for some additional furniture.

This variant of the mattress also allows sufficient free space within the user’ room. After all, it would not be a good idea to have a larger mattress that holds up the whole room area and practically leaving next to no space to move around freely.

Another critical reason that played a significant role in the popularity of a queen size mattress is its firmness. Before purchasing the mattress, buyers generally check the firmness level, such as Firm, Medium-Firm or Very Firm mattress models.

Your better half and your bodyweight need to be taken into account while considering the appropriate firmness of the mattress you need to go for. If you and your partner are on the heavier side, it will be a good idea to opt for a firm and thicker mattress. This lets your mattress regain its original shape after you get up. This will also avoid the chances of your mattress becoming lumpy and saggy. On the other hand, if you and your sleeping partner have an average to lighter body build type, you may consider opting for a thinner mattress without causing it too much wear and tear during usage.

Out of the single, double, king and queen variants, the queen size mattress is the most preferred type; hence it becomes possible for the brands to offer better and more customisation in this particular mattress type which is further boosting the popularity of the queen size mattresses due to various firmness level options.

Queen size mattresses come in various firmness and thickness types; it has become pretty easy to buy a mattress online that accommodates your necessities and is not too heavy on your budget. Lots of e-commerce websites offer queen size mattresses at discounted prices with trial periods as well as free delivery. 

You can now upgrade your old mattress with a brand new queen-sized mattress to improve your overall health and discover nocturnal bliss. If you are delaying your purchase due to budget constraints, then you are in luck. Keep reading to find more.

The most efficient way to buy a mattress online

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