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Here's Why an Exhaust Fan is a Must-Have For Your Home

Your kitchen, washroom, and laundry room are prone to problems created by humidity in your home. The steam that is created by cooking, hot water, and clothes dryers can have a serious impact on the climate of your home. When left to build up, the moisture can start affecting the walls and ceiling by creating mildew and mold problems. An exhaust fan is an ideal solution to this problem. An exhaust fan can be defined as a fan used for ventilating an interior of the house. It operates by drawing air from the interior and expelling it outside.

The best extractor fan bathroom should be present as an essential item in every household. Exhaust fans are effortless and easy to install. They can also be placed in small and enclosed areas like garages and storerooms. 

An exhaust fan comes in two variations:

  1. Ducted Exhaust Fans- They come with an air duct which releases impure air outside.
  2. Non-Ducted Exhaust Fans- They come with a charcoal filter that releases impure air outside.

Working of an Exhaust Fan

  1. An exhaust fan works by sucking the hot and humid air out of a small area, allowing fresh air to enter from a doorway or vent. 
  2. First, the warm air is drawn out with the help of an exhaust fan, and then it is pulled through a ducting system and expelled outside. 
  3. As the steam and humidity builds-up in the washroom, kitchen, and laundries, exhaust fans are found most commonly in these areas. 
  4. Rangehoods over cooktops in the kitchen are one type of exhaust fan that is commonly found in households. 
  5. However, if you know how exhaust fans work, you will know that some exhaust fans employ sensors that allow them to automatically operate when they sense that there’s steam in the room.

Listed below are reasons that will tell you that why an exhaust fan is a must-have for every household:


  • Filters Out Impure Moist Air


One of the basic functions of an exhaust fan is to filter out impure and moist air from your home. An exhaust fan filters out moist air, steam, dust, warm or cold air out from the kitchen or washroom, thus preventing mold growth. 


  • Helps in Reducing Humidity


Enclosed areas of your home like Washrooms and Kitchen often get suffocated, and as a result of which, humidity increases. The presence of an exhaust fan helps in controlling moisture. The steam from a hot shower can result in:

  • Stains on walls
  • Paint or wallpaper peeling
  • Mold growth
  • Reduced Insulation

An exhaust fan will help in avoiding all these problems. 


  • Dispels Chemical Fumes


Whether you clean the rooms every month or weekly, many household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can adversely affect your health. An exhaust fan can be a savior, and it can help draw out harmful contaminants that could be floating in the air even after the room has been cleaned. 


  • Consumes Less Power


Though used often, an exhaust fan consumes less power. It is a power-saving device that helps in saving a substantial amount of money incurred on electricity bills. 


  • Removes Strong and Burnt Smoke


When you are cooking in the kitchen, some things get burnt. The smoke released makes it difficult for one to stay in the kitchen. An exhaust fan helps in removing the strong and burnt smell of smoke immediately. 


  • Easy and Effortless to Maintain


Exhaust fans have a low maintenance cost, and they are effortless to maintain. 


  • Helps in Protecting Walls and Curtains


An exhaust fan helps in protecting walls and curtains from becoming sticky and greasy. An exhaust fan removes smoke. As a result, tar doesn’t get accumulated on the walls or cloth materials hence keeping them fresh and clean.  

Invest in a Good Exhaust Fan

These reasons make an exhaust fan a must-have for your home. Exhaust fans also help reduce the chances of infections by killing germs and keeping the kitchen and washroom clean. If you want to purchase a good exhaust fan, Luminous is a cherished brand across the country, delivering the best quality products. 

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