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Home is where the heart is, but where exactly is home? Home can be a person, a place, or just something that warms your heart. If you think you are the only one who doesn’t know where their heart is, you’ll be pleased to know: you aren’t the only one. Many of us don’t know where to begin or still haven’t reached our destination yet. 

While we all desire to find “home,” the struggle of diving into the depths of our hearts and looking for a sense of direction can be real and pretty unnerving. And in many cases, we fail to find the drive to keep surging forward toward our goal. Not to forget, the struggles don’t end there; life constantly keeps throwing challenges your way.

So, what do you do when life gives you lemons and you can’t find the will to move forward? You make the tastiest lemonade with the best-selling book, “Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope,” to empower you every day. 

Before we skip to the good part, here’s more on the proud author of the book, Paul Boynton.

Who’s Paul Boynton?

While many know him as Paul Boynton, for his readers and clients, he is the best-selling Amazon author. A man who truly has the gift to inspire and tug at your heartstrings, Paul Boynton is a renowned writer who has successfully established a name for himself in the industry.

Part Irish, part English, Boynton is more than just an author; he has an exceptional educational background and experience that makes him a thriving life coach, international social media guru, and motivational speaker. 

Paul Boynton has always been someone for whom the glass is always half full, and anything he pens down is a true reflection of just that. This bestselling author has the drive to motivate people, help them, and push them to achieve their goals, which is exactly how his masterpiece, “Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope,” came into being.

Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope: Grab Your Glimmer of Hope

Life’s a climb, but the view is great. Unfortunately, many of us lose sight of the view and get lost in the obstacles along the way. Paul Boynton’s Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope is the breath of fresh air you need, the glimmer of hope to encourage you to keep your eye on the prize. 

In this book, Boynton doesn’t use empty words; he pours his heart out, and every word hits home. He doesn’t just share the secrets to conquering it all but also discusses his own struggles. Ever since the release of the book, it quickly made it to the bestselling list and has helped countless readers tap into their true potential.

In fact, popular actress Brooke Shields has also expressed her love for the book:

We are more resilient than we might think, and Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort, and Hope helps us uncover our strength and power and our ability to push through challenging times.” 

So, discover a newfound strength to fight your battles with a bright smile on your face with the perfect companion—the bestselling book, Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort, and Hope.

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