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“Completing the integration of Highpoint and Mobiquity, two leading firms in their own right, further powers Hexaware’s capabilities and reputation as a trusted partner of choice in life sciences and healthcare.” Milan Bhatt (President of Hexaware Technologies) added, “This powerful combination will help clients more quickly realise the value from their technology investments and help create more personalised and meaningful patient, provider, and customer engagement experiences.” 

Now what are these two leading firms Milan Bhatt talking about, and how are they going to make the customer experience more personalised and meaningful? To get answers to this question, we need to dig a little deeper; let’s go!

About The Company And Its Future Prospect

Hexaware Technologies was founded in 1990 by Mr Atul K. Nishar and its subsidiary of HT Global IT Solutions Holdings Limited. Hexaware is one of the world’s leading global IT consulting digital and technology solutions providers, empowering enterprises to realise their digital value. With its offerings like application services, business process services, cloud services, consulting services, testing services and many more, Hexaware Technologies is on its path to building a better world. One of the steps the company took was announcing a significant expansion of its Healthcare industry and global Life Sciences capabilities by integrating the recently acquired Mobiquity businesses and Highpoint Solutions. The company’s vision is to leverage technology as a force multiplier to accelerate clients’ business goals and improve global healthcare. 

The Hexaware share price is Rs 470.10 (as of March 14, 2023), and its estimated future stock price will be approximately Rs 525, all thanks to its new announcements and other prospects. The company’s healthcare and life science practice has been in service for over 10 years, focusing on delivering future-proof and leading-edge solutions with optimised deliverables. Its client base includes leading global biopharma, emerging pharma, gene & cell therapy and healthcare organisations to leverage technology to drive their businesses with the motto of improving the quality of international healthcare delivery.

The very professional and talented team of Hexaware Technologies has partnered with clients to convey leading life sciences solutions, including:

  • Designing the first FDA approved Digital Pill in the world
  • Providing the first IT services firm globally supporting COVID-19 rescue studies
  • Launching over 45 brands in life sciences
  • Delivering de-centralised Clinical Trials 
  • Co-engineering the Human Data Sciences Cloud

The esteemed Vice President of (Customer Success), Mr Russell Hirschorn, addressed, “As we have sought to meet our customers’ needs to streamline and ensure the manufacture of the highest quality pharmaceuticals, Hexaware has provided Apprentice with invaluable technical and business process support,” he further claimed, “Leveraging Hexaware’s newly added expertise will further enable the evolution of our business to deliver excellence to our customers and stay ahead of the competition.”

Safe Harbour Statement

Hexaware Technologies’ safe harbour statement came with loads of new information and surprises, making the investors more interested in the company and its future growth and financial prospects. The company later published that certain statements in this press release are worth looking forward to concerning their future strategy and development, which involve numerous uncertainties and risks that could cause different actual results from those mentioned in the statement. Here, the uncertainties and risks include but are not limited to uncertainties and risks regarding fluctuations in earnings, intense competition in IT services, including factors like the company’s cost advantage, wages increased globally, their ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, fixed time frame contracts, client concentration, time & cost overruns on fixed price, restriction on immigration, reduced IT services demand in company’s key focus areas, disruption in telecommunication networks, the company’s ability to manage international operations and growth.  

The company issued a statement that though Hexaware Technologies is set to expand in the domain of Global Life Sciences and Healthcare IT Consulting & Technological Practice, there can be several risks and uncertainties that can result in diverse or different results from what was stated in the Safe Harbour Statement. 

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Hexaware Technologies, since 1990, has been working to improve customers’ lives with its dedicated and innovative approach. The company was previously listed but has signed itself for DIS and finally received its approval from the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and BSE Ltd on Monday, Nov 2, 2020. Now the investors will be able to trade their shares through over-the-counter platforms. If you are interested in buying and checking Hexaware share price, check for the unlisted shares trading platform, and you will be diverted to Stockify. It’s a leading unlisted shares broker that gives you a daily update of shares price along with other key performance indicators. The hexaware current unlisted share price is Rs 600 per equity!

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