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Over the years, people have used the terms cannabis, pot and hemp interchangeably. Now, the THC and CBD content in each of these is different. Hemp is not the kind of marijuana that gives the stoner’s “high.” Although, it comes from the same mother species Cannabis sativa. It has resulted in much confusion that has survived through ages of research and promotion.

What is hemp? How is it different from cannabis?

Today, the strains that contain significantly high levels of THC come from the native sativa, indica, and their hybrids. THC is the natural compound that occurs in these strains and their selective hybrids that produce the psychoactive effects in the users. According to the FDA, all strains that contain less than 0.3% THC can produce hemp products including CBD oils, CBD tinctures, and edibles. These do not elicit a psychoactive effect, and these are quite different from the recreational marijuana strains that contain at least 5% THC naturally.

Why do CBD producers use hemp plants instead of cannabis?

While selective hybridization can produce cannabis strains that contain minimal levels of THC, it is much easier for the CBD production companies to use hemp instead. It is a naturally occurring species that sometimes has 0% THC. However, it is rich in other phytocannabinoids including CBD, CBT, CBG, CBR, and CBN. They also contain some vital minerals and vitamins apart from flavonoids that boost immunity. Therefore, full spectrum CBD oil and CBD extracts from hemp plants have become the go-to solution for many suffering from chronic arthritis, weight management problems, eating disorders and mental health issues. To learn more about organic high CBD hemp, visit the Global Cannabinoids official website.

What are the traits of good CBD-rich hemp flowers?

Many producers ship their hemp flowers along with other hemp products to all 50 states. Since they have no THC, the legal concerns are minimal. Moreover, the organically grown plants have no pesticides or chemical fertilizer traces on them. The typical hand-reared high CBD hemp should have the following qualities –

  1. They are all natural, and they are not genetically modified.
  2. They are hand-grown entirely organically.
  • They have no traces of heavy metals or chemicals.
  1. They have lesser than 1% THC content.
  2. They should have at least 20% CBD content.

Since relying on any new brand is challenging, you should conduct thorough research on their quality control, product reputation, and consumer reviews.

Why should you only use organically grown natural hemp flowers?

In a world, where humans can design any compound, you might wonder why we are stressing on organically produced hemp. Since the popularity of CBD has begun to skyrocket, several labs are trying to synthesize compounds that act like CBD. However, the synthesis does not use any natural product that comes from hemp or cannabis plants. It raises the question of consumer safety as well as quality. If you want to enjoy the therapeutic and natural healing effects of CBD, you should target the cannabis plants instead of going for the cheaper synthetic alternatives.

The full spectrum high CBD hemp flowers should have the complete range of all the naturally occurring cannabinoids in that particular strain of hemp. Consuming the whole flower or a derivative of that flower that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids triggers the entourage effect. It is more beneficial than consuming CBD extracts or pure CBD oil. Research shows that full-spectrum products from hemp strains have stronger therapeutic effects that the pure isolates from the same plants.

How to consume the CBD rich hemp buds?

In most cases, it is due to the trace levels of THC, and other cannabis compounds that enable stronger binding of the CBD molecule to the receptors. They even boost the bioavailability of CBD in the human system. Research shows that consuming the full-spectrum products from CBD rich hemp plants can begin the anti-inflammatory actions in less than an hour, depending on the methods of administration. That brings us to the most critical question – how to consume the help flower?

Smoking the hemp flowers

You can try to smoke the hemp flower directly in a bowl. Since it has no tobacco, it is not nearly as harmful as smoking. However, any sensible doctor will advise you against it since smoking any substance is not great for your lungs. Studies show that the best way for the consumption of hemp flowers is by using the dry herb vaporization method. The user gets to inhale the cannabinoids and flavonoids without inhaling any of the harmful carbon products. Moreover, it goes directly to the bloodstream, while bypassing the digestive system and assimilation process. Since there is no pit stop at the liver, the user can expect a quicker action than the CBD oils and edibles.

Hemp flowers infusions

You can also try infusing the high CBD flower in natural oils. Depending on the purpose of consumption, you can try olive oil or cold-pressed coconut oil infusion. Both THC and CBD are fat-soluble, which makes the infusion quite ideal for enjoying the benefits of cannabinoids. It also entails a long-term action since direct ingestion ensures prolonged digestion, absorption and assimilation process. Until the products reach the stomach and then the liver, you will have to wait for the effects to kick in. Although, this method reduces the effectiveness, and it provides a prolonged action. Most doctors recommend direct ingestion of the infusions or mixing them with your beverages than smoking dry herb bowls.

What’s the challenge of using CBD-rich hemp flowers?

The only problem with the use of CBD rich hemp flowers is finding the correct dose. Most CBD extracts come with a clear indication of their concentration and the percentage of CBD in them. Since organic CBD hemp flowers are unprocessed, they don’t usually have an accurate label of the percentage of CBD. You might have to determine the correct dose of the compound by yourself after trying the flowers for a couple of times. Moreover, the CBD rich hemp flowers from one producer might vary significantly in cannabinoid content from another. Therefore, read the fine print carefully before you sit down to enjoy their healthy goodness.

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