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Just a decade ago any employer was immensely sceptical in regards to hiring people for his business on a remote basis. It was like that all over the place, regardless of business industry, size of a company, or employees’ competencies.

However, after 2010 things began to change: a slight portion of employers in the US and Europe became more positively convinced about such type of work. Thereafter they figured out that remote workers may save money for a company in almost any industry. The trend continued to grow significantly year by year till 2019.

This particular year became a year of the dramatic boom in remote jobs areas. Due to pandemic restrictions and measures, a lot of small and even medium-sized businesses had the only option to survive – begin working on a remote basis.

There was no less interest from the employees’ perspective: the share of searches in Google related to remote job positions peaked more than 450% just in a year during 2020. The level of companies’ cost savings is also unbelievably high: according to Forbes, in 2021 each remote worker is reducing the company’s expenses by $22.000!

So, if any of you had some thoughts of trying to work from home there’s never been a better time to do that. Actually, most people who are trying to move out of the office have a sound question on their mind: “Which remote jobs pay the best?”

Let’s dive in and take a look!


  • Software Developer: $70.000 – $130.000 p/y


No prizes for guessing that a vast majority of the most lucrative remote jobs are in the IT industry. Just look at the example of Facebook who announced that within a decade more than half of their employees would be working online remotely.

Basically, this point covers a bunch of jobs with slightly different titles and varying tasks but it is a good idea to bundle them together as they require more or less the same skill set, especially when you’re starting out.

With most of these job titles, you’ll be programming and testing the latest apps, websites, and software to get your foot in the door of qualification and programming or computer science. It goes without saying that experience is one of the most crucial aspects of this rapidly-developing industry. So, if you have one – do not hesitate to go ahead!

  • Data scientist/ data analyst: $110.000 – $130.000 p/y

In case you are able to unravel the data in order to find trends and solve multiple problems for businesses you will be paid really well. That could involve anything: from figuring out what ads will have the highest click rate to where housing prices are going to go in the next 10 years.

For this job, you’ll need excellent computer and math skills as well as enough intuition to figure out what the data is telling you and maybe some communication skills so you can explain what the data is saying.

A qualification in either math statistics or computing is desirable and as the internet has made data available to anyone you’ll be able to work anywhere you want as long as you have a connection.



This type of job description is for somebody who could be working in a number of sectors. Basically, software app and web development are the most popular areas but it could be setting up a team or a new branch of a firm in any other industry.  Mainly project managers coordinate all of the individual tasks and processes which are required to reach a given target whether it’s developing a piece of software or setting up a branch of a standalone company.

Therefore, that means you’ll need a background in the industry you’re looking at as well as a track record of managing people, and, obviously, you’ll need to be an extremely organized person. In fact, working remotely isn’t an option for all project managing roles but with more teams using web conferencing to communicate it’s becoming more and more common worldwide.

This job has been around a lot longer than the internet itself but that’s also been heading into a completely new direction of remote work. Most probably everybody knows the most common tasks accountants do, such as reviewing and managing accounts, preparing numerous financial statements and documents, advising on tax issues, and creating budgets.

Usually, there’s no reason it can’t be done remotely, however you’ll need a formal qualification and you have to be a registered accountant in the country you’re operating in. That gives a sort of guarantee of your skills and knowledge for an employer, while for you that may provide quite a broad range of Companies to work at even if you’re video conferencing from the beach on the other side of the world.

Hopefully, the facts mentioned above will convince some people who are in doubt in regards to remote positions. Fortunately, today you have an opportunity to save time spent for home-work-home trips, to dedicate a greater part of your life to the beloved people, and to take care of your health at this uneasy period of time. Don’t miss one!

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