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Over the past few years, the term “mining” has become firmly embedded in the lives of many people. It is important to understand that anyone can become a miner, but for the process to be truly effective, it is necessary to create a full-fledged ecosystem and ensure its functioning. For example, Hiveon would be a good choice.

What is Hiveon

Today, Hiveon is the most popular ETH Pool. It includes a full set of options and features that a miner needs. For example, it has its own software, and there is a detailed knowledge base with all the relevant information for the convenience of miners.


It is ETC Pool that attracts the attention of the largest number of miners. Its advantages include:

  • the possibility to withdraw funds at any time of the day;
  • in most cases, the service takes the compensation of the commission;
  • the support is available 24 hours a day and answers all questions.

Another advantage of this pool is that everything is kept as simple as possible, there are no complicated factors and hidden options.

Hive OS

Hive OS is an operating system for mining. The first thing why it attracts the attention of users is the easiest and fastest installation followed by configuration. In addition, many miners note that its use allows optimizing energy costs and increasing the speed of work.

Asic Hub

Nowadays, the use of special devices for mining is very popular. Such a machine is also offered by Hiveon. It is called Asic Hub. It works much faster and more stable than any graphics processor, which means it can potentially bring great financial benefits.

Asic Firmware

To work with special devices that are used for mining, you need special software. You can use basic firmware or choose a more advanced one. Every month, more and more users prefer Asic Firmware. It shows high speed, provides reliable protection against viruses and contributes to the stability of the processed volumes.


The special forum was created for miners to share their experiences. All users can express their opinion about Hiveon, share their own secrets of successful mining or discuss the latest news. And I would also like to mention a blog that has just begun to develop and on which there are a lot of authoritative articles, for example, like “best gpu for mining 2022” in which there is a lot of useful information. In general, the Hiveon ecosystem is very extensive and very useful for miners. So we advise everyone to get to know her.

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