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The internet age has brought people closer together through email and social media. In the past, if a relative or friend traveled abroad, people always remembered him fondly, but they did not expect to hear about him soon. It was a fun and unusual time when someone received a congratulatory card from a friend or relative abroad. Muslims who travel abroad in search of work, higher education, or a better life has always gone through a similar process. They returned home to their friends and relatives for a while, but then they struggled to integrate into new societies, while some of them were so immersed in the new culture around them that everything was forgotten. Adopting Islamic beliefs, culture, and lifestyles that contradict their Islamic identity and beliefs. However, the Internet has evolved into a small place where people can maintain close contact with their loved ones, in addition to texts, sermons, and lectures about their faith.

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Allah blesses the Muslims that Islam is a universal religion, more than one, and a way of life is brotherhood. In Islam, you can find people of every skin tone, sect, and race. This is evident during the annual Islamic Hajj season, No doubt understanding when people of all colors and races, speaking all the languages ​​of the Earth and all, No doubt understanding  countries of the world, side by side with their fellow Muslims, discriminate against social inequality. You can look shoulder to shoulder with your Muslim brothers without it. … This is a unique gift from Allah Almighty to Muslims, and Muslims must respect it.

The Qur’an – the word of Allah in Arabic – reminds us:

And hold together the ropes of Allah the Qur’an, and do not separate between you, and remember the mercy of Allah be upon you, because you were enemies of each other, but he entered your hearts until he became mercy. A brother of the Islamic faith … I was on the edge of a fire pit and he saved you from it. Thus, Allah explains His verses to you from arguments, proofs, verses, lessons, signs, verses, and the like, so that you can be guided by them. The Qur’an: 03-103

The best way to uphold the rope of Allah is to read, understand, and apply His commandments. However, there are many Muslims who, for one reason or another, have not had the opportunity to learn how to read the Qur’an. But, again thanks to the age of the internet and thus internet voice communication, learning the Quran in an online Quran school has become very easy these days.

Anyone can learn to read the Qur’an easily from their home and at any time of their choosing by connecting to the Internet and choosing a learn quran onlin with a good reputation online that offers good knowledge of the Qur’an, as well as online. You can subscribe to Quran lessons. … everyone should take Quran lessons online using a computer connected to the internet, a set of speakers or headphones, and a microphone, while online voice calling software can be downloaded for free.

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