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Teenage is a phase of confusion, high energy, physical maturity and academic growth. New and adventurous generation of 2019 has improved upon cosmopolitan culture. It is natural for these youngsters to wish for success in different fields of human endeavor. Creative pursuits and financial dreams have no limitations, and teenagers are not immune. They too can contribute to the economy, build a great nation, and achieve professional success. As per the study, 72 % of high school students want to start their own business, 61% want to start a business just after college.

Young students can earn, learn and get useful experience through meaningful work. The following business ideas are a practical guide to the teenager’s success which they can start while studying in high school.

Online Retailer

If you have an artistic mind and love to create – paintings, handmade antique jewelry or knit unique items of cloth, then you can start by marketing online at one of the e-commerce stores. In India, Online Business is growing at a rapid rate. There are various laws which regulate online business. GST registration is one of the such laws introduced for the benefit of entrepreneurs.

Social Media Consultant

As a youngster growing up in the internet age, no one could be extra aware of the internet and social media than you. You know accurately what your age group looks at when viewing for things online – so you know precisely how SEO works and practical ways of digital marketing.  With a basic online course that can be free or has nominal charges, you can get some technical know-how. You can then post on your social media accounts and start by taking assignments on a commission basis.

Senior Errand Services

Wherever you live, there are senior citizens who require help with various errands. The errands can range from market shopping to picking up dry cleaning and going to the post office. There are a lot of other ways to help senior citizens around the house too, like washing vehicles, making minor repairs, or helping out with yard work. As the fast-growing portion of the population, it makes a lot of business sense to serve seniors, and it will seem right to know you’re helping someone who needs it.

Open a Game Center

If gaming is your passion, you can start your career by trying your hands on starting a gaming center. A game center does not charge you much money; you can start it with a single play station and extend it by your earnings.

Since the biggest crowd of gamers is around 10 to 20-year-old people, nobody will realize what a client requires in the Gaming Center better than a teen. Moreover, the teenager can easily introduce their center to their friends as well as other fellow teenagers. This market can never get less enthusiastic, mainly in the era of a lot of great multiplayer games.

Projects Selling

If you are good in studies and doing school projects is your hobby, then project building and selling can be one of the great options to earn a huge amount of money. In this process, you will learn by fun and have a significant potential to gain too. Doing projects for science and social studies and teaching it to students before selling is an essential part of this business.

You can do promotion online and offline about your services. For offline marketing, you can get the help of friends, relatives, social gatherings, school events, etc. If you can spend a minimum of Rs 5000 for brochures, then it can also benefit you a lot in advertising your services. For online marketing, you can utilize social media policies and freelancing sites (Mentioned in above points) to endorse your services.

Your earning will depend on the variety and level of the project you are doing. You will require to add your labor costs, material costs, and other costs (for example, costs of explanation and training if, you are providing this to the student).

Cooking or Baking

If you are great at cooking and cooking is your hobby, then you can keep it to make money as well. Cooking and feeding hungry mouths are a fabulous way to use your summer holidays. Though you can even do it with your school if you only work in the evening and sell some hot snacks.

The focus should be on health and minimum menu to cut down costs. Stick to Tiffin, snacks, chaats and light meals if you are a newbie. They cost less, and you can spend the rest of the budget on a mobile truck or stall. If you opt for a fixed location, then try to avoid rent, electricity bill, and operational costs. Home delivery of parcels and festival contracts are also viable for expert cooks. Delicious food always has great demand, and you can pocket good money.


Nowadays, teenagers are very much self-driven and motivated. With the right support they can be excellent entrepreneurs in the future. is a business services platform which helps the small business owners to start and develop their business in India, at an affordable cost. Also, Afleo provides business services like intellectual property rights, incorporating of company, GST registration filling and returns.

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