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Mobile pedestals, or rolling file cabinets, are typically found in offices, warehouses and many other industries due to their high functionality and versatility. For every business across every industry, storage space is a major concern. They need a storage solution that will maximize their storage capacity while not taking up much of their needed storage and floor space. This can be due to OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements, ensuring an open floor layout and many other reasons. To provide more information, here are the top 5 benefits of implementing a mobile pedestal as a storage option.

mobile pedestal

Increased Floor Space

Storage cabinets such as plan file cabinets, lateral and vertical cabinets, are ideal for saving as much floor space as possible while maximising your storage capacity. They are ideal for any industry and can save floor space by fitting conveniently under a work desk in an office or under a workbench in a warehouse.

Increased Storage

Mobile pedestals typically have 3 drawers for storage. The top 2 drawers are great for storing miscellaneous stationery such as pens, pencils, staplers, paper, business cards and other office or work-related equipment. The bottom third drawer is larger and ideal for storing items such as important paperwork, documents, folders, books and much more.

Increased Versatility

As the name would suggest, mobile pedestals are the perfect option for businesses that require storage options that may not be stored in one place for a long time or need to be constantly moved around. Offices are an example, as workers can be constantly changing their desks and seating arrangement which means they require a mobile storage solution. A high-quality mobile pedestal will have swivel castors and a runner system with steel ball bearings to provide complete ease of movement when in operation. Also, look for a mobile pedestal cabinet that features a fifth wheel to ensure that it is fully stable when in use.

Increased Protection

During the day to day activates of the workplace, mobile cabinets can get accidentally knocked, kicked and bumped around. This is why a high-quality mobile pedestal will have a powder coat finish for increased strength and durability so it can efficiently endure the wear and tear over its extremely long life span.

Increased Convenience

This is the biggest benefit of using mobile pedestal cabinets; their convenience. Workplaces such as offices have floor layouts that are very spacious and spread out, requiring staff to make numerous trips around the office. Mobile pedestal cabinets can be simply moved by staff to their desired area, such as another desk, a meeting room or to the printer, without having to make numerous trips. Rolling file cabinets can also be stored at a central location in the office so staff can easily roll the mobile cabinet to and from their desk with ease, if they don’t already have a mobile cabinet stored under their desk.

Mobile pedestal cabinets are an ideal mobile storage option which can provide many benefits to your workplace. You can find many manufacturers online, so be sure to do your research and ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality mobile pedestal.

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