Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Needless to say, the way consumers buy and the way service providers sell has changed drastically over the last few months. The change is permanent and long lasting, so its imperative that people adapt and adopt the new business acumen. 

Many companies, such as general contractors that cannot make the change, both operationally and structurally, will not survive. We are already seeing mass closures of both large and small companies. In America’s strip malls, you can expect at least half of the strip mall to be vacated. Many could not sustain the 3 months of closures as it was, not if new business processes are to be adopted, more will cease to exist.

Contractors need help. Operationally, there are lots of areas that need improvement. One of the opportunities is lead generation for contractors. Others are automating the way contractors bill customers, keep track of customers, and provide ongoing marketing. You can grow too quick and reduce your chances of long-term success. For that, contractor management services companies have come to be a very in-demand subset of the booming home services market.

People can change, so can businesses. The way we conducted business in February is no longer relevant. So, people that were former employees, are now willing to offer their freelancing skills to make ends meet. Jobs will no longer be the same, and if you have an in-demand skillset, then why not start your own business offering your services? That is the creation of the “Gig Economy“.

Some in-demand skills, or “gigs”, are digital media, SEO, website building, digital design, outbound sales, virtual assistants, and many more. If you notice, these are all remote “work from home” skills as we have quickly jumped into an even more online world than it once was.

I also see a big jump in the amount of affiliate networks, where companies can sign on sales reps as a 100% commission role to refer business their way. That could be purely done through a link or portal available online. I have seen security companiessupplement companies, concrete contractors, and even women’s jewelry become extremely popular on social media. In a sense, they are starting their own business as an affiliate and can earn an income for themselves and their family.

I feel that this is a positive change that empowers individuals to make use of their greatest assets and skillsets. Many will go back to the workforce as employees, but we will also see a tremendous number of newfound employers across the entire world economy.

By kabir

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