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HONOR MagicBook Pro

HONOR MagicBook Pro seems to be slimmer and larger than common laptops. This is because the product is equipped with a 16.1-inch screen. And it has a narrow frame design on four sides. But the large size of the body has not significantly affected the portability of the HONOR MagicBook Pro. The body is made of aluminum alloy with an anodic oxidation process. Its weight is controlled at about 1.7 kg. The thickness of the body is even thinner to 16.9 mm. It is quite rare.

After the body is unfolded, the visual impact brought by the narrow borders on the four sides is indeed obvious. Especially the upper border and the left and right borders are all 4.9 mm. The appearance is harmonious. The proportion of screens has reached as much as 90%.

Look at the details of plane C of the body. The silver metal case and the ink-black keyboard area form a strong contrast. The feel of the keyboard is worthy of affirmation. Although the keystroke is not long, the feedback is good. And the coating of the keycap feels comfortable. It has high practicability.

Between the F6 and F7 keys, a hidden camera is arranged in HONOR. Therefore, it is possible to get such a narrow frame design on plane B. The built-in camera is not very important to most users at present. But it will be inconvenience if it is not available when needed. Therefore, hidden design is a good solution.

On both sides of the keyboard area, HONOR designed the sound outlet of the speaker. The right area contains power buttons. This looks harmonious. It reduces additional openings in the body and improves the overall feeling.

Seen from the left side of the body, HONOR MagicBook Pro is indeed thin. The body interfaces are evenly arranged on both sides. On the left are the Type-C interface that support charging, HDMI interface and USB3.1 gen1 interface.

On the right side of the body, we can see the 3.5 mm earphone microphone 2-in-1 interface. And there are two USB3.1 gen1 interfaces. HONOR MagicBook Pro can provide up to three USB Type-A. It attaches great importance to the actual use experience of users. At a time when Type-C devices are a few, USB Type-A is the most important and common interface.

HONOR MagicBook Pro has a Magic-link label on the right wrist rest. When users use HUAWEI phones that support EMUI 10 and above, EMUI 10 or HONOR mobile phones that support Magic UI 3.0 and above, they only need to connect and pair the mobile phones with computers. This can realize two-way mutual transmission of pictures, videos, documents and other files by touching Magic-Link tags. And the two can share the clipboard. The data exchange between mobile phones and computers is simplified. In this way, it will improve the work efficiency. And it can avoid the situation that it is difficult to transfer files in the phone to the laptop. In case that there is no data cable or wireless network nearby.

The above introduces the appearance of HONOR MagicBook Pro. It has fashionable appearance and interactive function with HONOR phones. Therefore, young people choose it when buy PC computers in UK.

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