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Enjoying the Super Bowl is something you can do even if you aren’t the biggest football fan. The Big Showdown provides the perfect opportunity to get together with your family and friends to watch the game and perhaps even show off your impressive barbecue skills.

So, regardless of the team that you are rooting for or whether you simply want to enjoy some amazing food, throwing a Super Bowl party is something you should seriously consider doing and it needs to be epic. Here are some tips according to

  1. Prepare Your Home for Some Rowdy Cheering

Everything must be perfect if you plan for your home to be the official venue of the Super Bowl party. Do a quick clean, vacuum the place, and get rid of any items likely to get in the way of the party. However, don’t forget to place all the chairs that you have in your home in front of the TV. After all, the game and half-time show are the key attractions.

  1. Break out the Decorations

A Super Bowl party cannot be complete without the decorations. So, put everything that has to do with the teams and Big Game out on display. Food can be incorporated in the décor too and can be an excellent conversation starter.

You can do something as simple as using white x tapes to decorate a bulky glass and make it look like a football once iced tea or beer is poured in it. Try using colorful straws to represent the team you are rooting for and perhaps even a small flag in each burger, as well.

You can also consider adding steamers that show your support for the team along with tiny football cutouts in toothpicks put on entrees along with other snacks. It can be as simple as streamers with the colors of your preferred team around the house along with some cute referee beer bottles. Depending on how creative you are, DIY football decors can be made using what you already have at home.

  1. Have Drinks on Hand

If you have always assumed that Super Bowl parties are just for snacks and sports, nothing could be further from the truth. A good selection of beer is an integral part of every Super Bowl party. Juice, pop, and iced tea should be considered too so that there’s something for all present.

While having an abundance of drinks is important, you should consider getting jugs or kegs as opposed to bottles and individual boxes. This will play a critical role in keeping your house tidy and is great for the environment.

  1. Spread the Appetizers Around

Prior to deciding on the food that you should serve; it can be a good idea to first understand your guests’ dietary restrictions. Enquire beforehand whether your guests can eat pork, meat, seafood, etc. to avoid having a sour-faced guest at the party.

Prepare a variety of appetizers as a fail-safe. Common finger foods that complement every sports viewing include egg rolls, pigs in a blanket, devilled eggs, fish fingers, tofu snacks, chicken tenders, and vegan dips for all.

If you lack time to prepare multiple appetizers, you can always stick to tortilla chips with all kinds of dips to build your own nachos. To achieve a gourmet finish, put your tortilla chips on a baking tray and top them with different types of cheese and bake until it is all gooey. Guests will be happy with the selection that you have provided.

  1. Hit Up the Barbecue

A Super Bowl party is the perfect place to show off your grilling skills. Cooking up premium cuts on the barbecue is guaranteed to be a hit. Put various pieces of meat on the grill and serve it up with finesse. The best way to flavor meat is using some salt and pepper. If you are creative, you can marinate meat with special herbs to achieve that wow factor.

Cheering your favorite teams on can make you hungry, so don’t be afraid to go all out! You can either go for classic burgers so that it is easier to eat or you can try sausages with a slice of potato salad. Grilled meaty and greasy delicacies are guaranteed to energize the guests.

  1. Remember the Party Games

Get creative and make fun Super Bowl-related games. All that food needs to be burned off and some fun activities are the perfect way to do it. Games are also great to play during those inconvenient commercial breaks. For some entertainment, you can try the Super Bowl commercial bingo or perhaps a field ring toss for everybody to enjoy. You can also spice it up and add some prizes to be won too.

  1. Send Everybody Home Safe

The Super Bowl will definitely not end with the party. Some people will stay behind for drinks and goof off some more after the game has ended. Make sure that everybody that’s driving is sober and those that don’t have a way to het home. Super Bowl barbecue parties are far more fun, after all, when everybody is safe!

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