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It can be quite daunting when it comes to finding the right type of bed mattress for good night slumber. These days, the online market is inundated with a variety of bed mattresses, right from memory foam, Egyptian cotton to pocket spring, which usually clouds our sense of judgment, thereby making it quite challenging for anyone to choose the right mattress.

Mattresses have even become so high-tech and you will be amazed to know that some are even based on a study from the US based space agency NASA. And these mattresses are quite expensive though. However, the most important question – is it really that necessary to splurge to get sound sleep throughout the night time?

The consensus is that a mediocre quality mattress is without a doubt a very bad bargain – spending too much low price to buy a bed mattress will certainly not going to ensure a sound sleeplest you are in your early years of childhood and very lightweight.

Mediocre quality mattresses also need to be changed quite frequently, perhaps as often as after every two years. Hence, it is always advised by experts that it is always wise to search for the best mattress company in India and spend a bit more than repenting later so that you can stay rest assured for coming 10 years.

Keep reading to know some good tips to avoid buying mediocre mattresses and finding the adjustable mattress for you.

  • There are many people out there who every so often ask whether they should go with the orthopaedic mattresses or not. Are you suffering from acute back pain or have issues related to slip disc? No, then definitely these types of mattresses are not perfect you. Basically, the orthopaedic mattresses are nothing much but more firm type of mattresses that are designed to give firm support to people who are suffering from back pain.
  • Perhaps, your overall body weight will largely indicate the sort of compression you will require – the thinner mattresses are considered good for women who are somewhere around 50kg, a thicker mattress will be beneficial for someone who weighs more than 100kg. Obviously, the best mattress company in India sell well blended mattresses with different compression levels on either side, catering to the requirements of the couples with significantly varying body weights.
  • The viscoelastic foam mattresses are basically designed to reduce compression points by thinning out body weight consistently. The foam cell mattresses rearrange themselves continually to take the shape of the exact body contours and since they dust mites resistant in the same way as more traditional mattresses; they are the best choice for people who are suffering from asthma.
  • With the spring mattresses, the thickness aspect mainly depends on the number of springs used in the mattress. Some of the best mattress company in India often sell premium-quality bed mattresses such as Vi-spring mattress which is considered to be good as it is made from feather soft cotton and lamb wool to improve spring placement.

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