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It isn’t easy being the odd one out. Especially when everyone around you is confident, looks good, and has a pleasant personality, and you are one with a skinny physique and zero confidence.

It was due to my looks I was never able to gain confidence. I didn’t have many friends, and those who were were the ones who would make jokes behind my back. I knew this, still would prefer hanging out with them, as I had no other option. This went on for many years, and I could never really gain confidence or embrace my personality.

For many years, I kept waiting for a miracle but never realized, there’s no such thing as a miracle. One day, while I was waiting for my friend at my high school’s cafeteria, I noticed how every head at the café turned when a guy with a toned physique and bulging muscles entered. All my life I had yearned to get this attention but never was able to do so. That guy certainly left me in awe, and all I could think was how can I get the same level of attention like him.

It was then I decided that I had to take matters into my own hand. I planned to join a gym. I knew everyone would laugh at me if they had heard this. However, for the first time in my life, I decided not to care what others would say or think about me. I went to the nearby gym and enquired about their fees and other details.

Saying that the first day at the gym will be an understatement. I spent the night before watching tons of videos and reading a lot of articles on how to nail your first day at the gym. However, everything went out of my brain when I actually reached there. I was so nervous that I decided to leave everything and run away. But then, I reminded myself of the reason I actually started all this. There was no way I was quitting my dream and going back to the old lifestyle.

I gathered confidence and entered the gym. My trainer, fortunately, was friendly, emphatic, and supportive. He was a knowledgeable person and completely devoted to sharing every bit of knowledge of bodybuilding he had. In fact, I had no idea as to where can i buy anabolic steroids online. It was him who told me about UGFreak and how this is one of the best websites where one can buy steroids and other products without any worry.

The first few days at the gym were spent learning new different workouts. After a few sessions, my trainer asked me what my fitness goal actually was. And I blurted out I want to become a bodybuilder. I had the image of that guy in mind who received everyone’s attention. And I feel no shame in saying that I wanted to become like him. My trainer stayed quiet for a few seconds. Then, he asked me if I really wanted to do this. I put some thought into it and said a firm yes. He just told me to get ready for this roller coaster ride. I had a little idea about what’s coming my way but wasn’t aware of the hardship this journey brings with itself.

He made me perform rigorous workouts. My diet plan was set, and I wasn’t even allowed cheat days. The fact that I wasn’t a great foodie helped a bit. I was never too picky about food. So, it wasn’t too tough for me to quit fast food. But what bothered me was to eat a lot. He also guided me throughout my injectable steroids cycles.

A lot of changes were made in my lifestyle as well. However, the end result was me gaining muscle mass, and becoming the type of person I already wanted to be. The work is still in progress. It never ends, does it? But, where I am today, I’m completely satisfied with how I look and feel. The confidence is all-time high and so is the passion to lead a quality lifestyle.

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