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Getting user-generated content on Instagram is one of the central goals of many social media marketing strategies. Simple, in this way, you can obtain a series of strategic advantages. Firstly, you involve users in a participatory path.

People love to be in the good graces of the brands that follow, and working on UGC is good. How to get started? How to take your followers on the road of autonomously generated content? Here are several useful tips that you can follow.

Check spontaneous mentions on Instagram.

Often there is no need to create a call to action to recover user-generated content; it is the communities that move independently. Your task is clear; check any mentions that are made by inserting the snail before the Instagram name. To do this, just go to your profile and click on the button that shows the images uploaded by other users.

Thus it is possible to activate a useful conversation to entice the user to follow this line. Having a photo-generated by your follower is important; creating a real strand for each follower is a good goal. To do this, you need to create a personalized conversation.

Suggest a theme to tell on social

This is the most important aspect to have advantages in terms of UGC on this social network. You must give the user the opportunity to find them in a narration. This means making sure that his contribution is not a simple externalization but a piece of a narrative.

Tell a story with UGC.

Visual storytelling, in this case, can help you identify a theme and make it common, involving your followers and identifying a goal to be achieved together through the production and sharing of user-generated content. What are the points to exploit in this dynamic?

  • Find a theme to respect.
  • Give official directions to followers.
    • Share hashtags.
    • Use the brand mentioned.
  • Remember to share with credit.
  • Use ADV and Influencer to get started.

You want to activate your idea of ​​UGC. Not all brands are able to facilitate the process of encouraging the work of followers. So it may be a good idea not only to create sponsorships to suggest this initiative to users, but you can take advantage of the influence of influencers and get more Instagram followers and likes on posts.

Getting user-generated content on Instagram: influencer

As per this website ACTIVEIG.COM Influencers can be the first to share photos following the theme of the strategy for UGC, encouraging followers to follow the same example. For this reason, it is useful to start the campaign to get user-generated content on Instagram together with the work of influencer marketing.

It is not necessary to work with big names; in this case, it can be equally useful (if not better) to intercept local and targeted testimonials, mini-influencers with a number of followers not exasperated, but very much on the subject and with great credibility.

Give the audience a reason: the (symbolic) prize

There is one point you cannot forget when you want someone to do something useful for you, the reward. You must be willing to donate to receive. This does not necessarily mean paying; on the contrary, most of the user-generated content strategies are based on the gift and the intangible reward. Tripadvisor, for example, does not give anything to those who leave the reviews.

Get user-generated content on Instagram- Contribution

Through this technique, you can obtain concrete advantages that can hardly be reproduced in any other way. People have faith in human faces, in skills, and above all, in the experiences shared by a group of peers. Social proof serves just that.

You can influence through the action of a credible contribution. Have you also decided to get user-generated content on Instagram? How? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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