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How are Bicycle Fleets Changing the Bicycle Market?be1b600e-3bd8-4674-88d3-bf5ebefbe40a

Bicycle fleets are large groups of bikes that are shared between a group of people. The ability to buy many bikes at the same time has appealed to a lot of organizations. Many popular organizations have purchased bike fleets for their business. Therefore, the creation of bike fleets has changed the bicycle market. Gone are the days when people shunned bikes, as they have to purchase them singularly.

Now, people can purchase a lot of bikes at once, at a cheaper rate. Expectedly, the bicycle market is benefiting greatly from this. Large organizations are the major patronizers of bicycle fleets. They purchase bicycle fleets for their workers to share. The Covid-19 pandemic plays a major role in the sudden attention paid to bicycle fleets. Currently, the best way for people amid this pandemic is by cycling. Buying bikes singularly is not an option for many companies. So, they purchase bicycle fleets.

Fleets of bicycles have made the bicycle market get a sudden spike in sales. Why? because people are now seeing the usefulness and cost friendliness of bike fleets.

5 reasons why your business needs to adopt bicycle fleets

Bicycle fleets are now the perfect mode of transportation for many businesses. Due to certain pandemic issues, it has now become the most effective way to travel. The major patronizers of bicycle fleets are large companies. They purchase bicycle fleets for their workers to make use of. Some of the reasons why your company needs to adopt bicycle fleets are:

1. It keeps the workers active

It is well-known that a healthy body makes a healthy mind. In any organization, the workers must stay fit and healthy. If the workers are fit, it would be very easy for them to be productive and efficient. The best way for workers to stay fit is by cycling. Cycling helps to burn off any excess fat that they might have. Any company that wants its workers to be fit and productive must adopt bicycle fleets. Not only will bicycle fleets keep your workers fit, but it will also make them more productive.

2. It boosts the morale of workers

Stress is a very common part of any organization. Stressed-out workers are bad for any company, as they tend to become lazy and inefficient. Science has shown that physical activities help to combat stress and fatigue. Cycling is the best way to combat stress. It will allow workers to breathe fresh air and get new ideas. Also, it boosts the morale of the worker thereby making them more productive.

3. It saves costs

Your company must adopt bicycle fleets. Bicycle fleets can help to reduce the overall expenses of the organization. This is very bad for the business if it wants to grow. You can get your staff bicycle fleets. Not only will it reduce pollution in the environment, but it also helps to reduce costs.

4. It is perfect for advertising

Purchasing bicycle fleets for your company is a very smart thing to do. Bicycles can get into places that many forms of transportation can not. Bikes can be used to advertise your business in those hard-to-reach places. This will help to create awareness for your brand and bring more customers.

5. It can make your organization unique

The use of vehicles that pollute the environment will soon be a thing of the past. You must keep this in mind. Getting bicycle fleets for your business is a huge step towards this dream. Also, your business will be easily differentiated from your competitors. This helps to increase the awareness of your business, as people will easily identify you. Therefore, by switching to this eco-friendly alternative, you can stay ahead of your competitors.


Bicycle fleets have impacted the bicycle market positively. Incredibly so, a lot of investors now want to get into the bicycle fleet business because it is becoming a lucrative venture. However, the bicycle manufacturing industry is currently booming with more orders for various bicycles including electric ones. But before you start a bicycle fleet business, reach out to an expert. There are several bike fleet management solutions that can help you have a stronghold of the business.

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