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How Are Medical Apps Beneficial for the Masses? Medical apps have gained much importance in this technological age. These software programs, that run on smartphones and on various other communication devices, have become a vital tool for both doctors and patients. These apps have simplified the complexities of the healthcare industry, as a result of which patients have developed healthy living habits. Patients can also get useful medical information wherever and whenever they need it. The popularity of app based healthcare increased since 2013. Whether you are a patient, a physician, a nurse, or a pharmacist, using these beneficial apps will provide easy solutions to various healthcare related issues. These apps have proved to be fast, economical, and time-saving tools for the patients, reducing the number of times a patient needs to visit the emergency room or be hospitalized.  This has been possible due to increased connection with medical professionals and collaborative care by doctors, specialists, nurses, and related professionals over the medical apps. The erstwhile Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, Daniel Mongiardo, spoke about the advantages of medical apps and their resulting effect on patient appointments. According to him, medical apps facilitated better communication between patients and healthcare providers. He also stated that researchers from the University of Kentucky Center conducted a study involving 10,000 uninsured patients from eastern Kentucky and found that their healthcare expenses decreased by more than 80 percent, hospital admissions by 92 percent, and the number of visits to the emergency room fell by 87 percent as a result of effective communication. Once the patients leave the care unit, they tend to forget the medical instructions. Thus, the usage of information technology was the only possible solution to maintain regular contact with patients suffering from chronic ailments. This has resulted in improved care and decreased readmission to hospitals. Benefits of Medical Apps for the Common Mass: Keeping Track of Personal Health Data Medical apps have improved healthcare and provide patients and caregivers with the essential information about patient health. These medical apps help people understand their health better, encourages healthy living, and also gives access to many kinds of health-related information. Here are some major uses of medical apps for tracking personal health details.  

  • Fitness Tracker – You can  diligently observe your fitness regime and also get information about new workout techniques with this feature.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator – BMI is calculated by the height and weight of an individual. The BMI value changes with age. This calculation is vital in determining whether you have the correct body weight in accordance with your height, which informs you about any health risks that you might face.
  • Medical ID Information – You can utilize these applications in documenting important health details, such as emergency contact details, medications, allergies, and more. This information will also allow healthcare professionals to stay organized.
  • Heart Rate and Vitals Recorder – You can get full information about your heart rate, sleep patterns, and more with the help of a smartphone, smartwatch, and other devices.
  Pill Identification and Drug Index Tool Another important feature of medical apps is the pill identification tool. As intake of pills has increased these days, many medical apps offer the pill identification feature to help people avoid overdosing on wrong medication and also to identify loose pills. Using this feature pills can be searched by inputing information about shape, imprint, and color of a drug. Consumers can search for drugs by their generic names or brand names. The name of a medical condition can also be used to search for appropriate medication. Popular drugs and medical conditions are listed alphabetically on the app. All details about a drug’s uses, directions, ingredients, warnings, Product NDC (National Drug Code) and manufacturer are provided for the user. Proper and Regular Interaction with Doctors Doctor-patient interactions are an important part of medical practice and healthy life. Effective doctor-patient communication allows patients to talk freely about their health problems with their doctors, which facilitates accurate diagnosis of ailments. It also enables doctors to understand their patients’ requirements better while treating their health problems. Furthermore, efficient communication with a doctor helps a patient to understand the physician’s treatment plans, leading to greater trust. Due to advancements in technology, the use of healthcare apps has been on the rise. This has made consultation with doctors easier for the patients, who can make voice calls over the Internet and talk to physicians. These techniques of communication have led to improved health. A few health apps assist in contacting emergency health service providers easily in case of an urgent need. Search Nearby Medical Clinics and Hospitals Using these extremely helpful medical applications, you can easily find nearby hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dentists, veterinary clinics, and other healthcare centers whenever required. The location based tracking system offered by the apps enables users to find the aforementioned places within designated radius. In Conclusion Medical apps have become indispensable tools for healthcare professionals and are expected to soon become more widely used in every aspect of medical practice. These health apps are inarguably advantageous for everyone associated with the healthcare sector, ranging from doctors to patients, pharmacists, nurses, clinical operators, and medical students. Therefore, a thorough understanding of their benefits is extremely necessary]]>

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