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India as a country is a home to over three million people. Traffic jams and crowds are part of life. Everyone has become accustomed to meeting traffic before their destination. In such scenarios, two-wheelers are the ideal mode of travel. It is convenient and saves time, especially for shorter distances. But riding two-wheelers is not all that safe. Therefore, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, have made bike insurance mandatory.

What is the insurance about?

They are meant for all types of motorcycles. Any motorbike that is insured with two-wheeler insurance gets protection from unanticipated events. If the motorbike gets stolen, damaged, or there is any third-party damage or injury to the individual or asset, the insurance provides reimbursement for the expenses and more. The policyholders can also get their bike repaired in one of the network garages that are part of the insurance company lists.

Holding motorbike insurance is mandatory in India, and hence, there are different types under this category.

What gets covered under the insurance?

The elements included varies between insurance policies. The plans have evolved with the changes and trends in the motorcycle industry. Insurance providers now have a range of insurance products catering to all bike owners. Most of them opt for the comprehensive plan.

Now, there are two ways of buying insurance. You could either visit the insurance company branch or buy online bike insurance. There are benefits under both. Let us understand them thoroughly:

Offline method

This is a traditional and one of the standard methods of buying insurance. The offline methods involve visiting the insurance company office and buying from there. The insured can communicate with the consumer representative and get in-depth information about the insurance. Any possible queries get solved on the spot. The application process might be the lengthy, but there is better guidance on what and how to do it.

The offline method benefits include:

Personal communication

The best part about offline insurance is to communicate personally with the experts.

Clarification of doubts

If there are confusions regarding the insurance, the customer service representative clarifies them instantly.


Insurers might provide the consumers with custom policies after judging the paying capability of the owner. Such customisations are unavailable under the online mode.

Save on renewal and claim request

Placing a physical request for the insurance is easier as the expert guides you on efficiently placing claim requests and doing two-wheeler insurance renewal.

Online mode

This is the growing popular method of buying two-wheeler insurance. It is ideal for busy and full-time working individuals who otherwise need to leave their work to visit the insurance company branch. Not just buying, but you can make a claim request and renew them online too. With the advancement in digitisation, it makes sense to make optimum use of the technology.

Benefits of the online method are:

Reviews and comparing policies

After reading reviews of the fellow clients, you can buy the policy and make comparisons between the insurance companies.

Affordable policies

Those who operate solely online have lower running costs, and the price of intermediary gets eliminated. Hence, their offerings are economical.


You can find the best quotes possible. Some insurers run attractive deals as well, which helps the consumers.

Renew and claim

Not only buying, but you can renew and register claims online easily. Login to the insurer website and register the claim or place a renewal request.

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