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New technologies are presented as the key to managing the growth of investment in startups that drive the marijuana sector. Weed maps is a start-up that could be defined of marijuana Dispensary Tucson. Bud and Breakfast is a kind of Airbnb for cannabis lovers. On the other hand, Eaze and Canary are start-ups that dedicate themselves to the delivery of marijuana on demand in the style of Deliveroo or Glovo. All of them are niche platforms that have in their essence the business model of large digital brands of recognized trajectory. And, as one might expect, the cannabis industry has been seduced by new technologies.

AI and machine learning are transforming the marijuana business. Machine learning and deep learning is an expanding and diverse field of artificial intelligence (AI) that is studying algorithms that can automatically learn from and make predictions from data. Every week, new advances, new expertise, new function and new chances are accessible to you in the field of AI. It is stirring, but also irresistible. That is why this article is formed to assist you keeping up with all these thrilling developments.

Whether you are at present working in the cannabis industry, a stakeholder, a municipality, an official producer, a potential seller, in law enforcement, or just looking for an attention in the subject, this publication will be very useful.

AI research in the marijuana industry:

In order to take benefit of the exponential power of AI in the cannabis industry, investigate is the first place to examine. 

Drug discovery: find out recent cannabis strain based on chemical families and property of compounds by means of AI.

Automated marijuana operations: advocate malting settings and calendars based on CO2, temperature, dampness and pH using AI and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Impact of Twitter data: 


  • Forecast equity markets based on marijuana’s social media certification using data mining.


  • Forecast Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by using cannabis Data Mining.

AI products in the marijuana business:

A lot of companies are previously using AI and deep learning in their products and services. Some of the developed favourites are here:

Yield prediction: Roadway the improvement rate of cannabis plants in their vegetative stage using AI.

Custom Marijuana Strains: Find the most appropriate weed strains to care for indication (insomnia, asthma, and cancer) by reading peer reconsider medical journals and making relevant studies on cannabis, the active complex of marijuana.

Customizing e-commerce: offer online cannabis seller with AI, based on e Commerce personalization and distribution solutions, as well as modified searches, product suggestion and advanced data analysis. 

Robotic delivery of marijuana products: make use of wheeled release robots to deliver cannabis consignment based on AI algorithms.

Business Risk Reduction in Marijuana: 

    • Make use of AI to predict changes in the cannabis marketplace and make out prototype that can be used to make more precise forecasts and asset decisions. 


  • Use artificial intelligence, predictive learning and machine learning algorithms to assess risks for marijuana stakeholders. AI makes use of compliance data to forecast the categories in which a marijuana licensee is most likely to fail. 


Artificial Intelligence Ideas in the Marijuana Industry:

There are a lot of AI technologies that can be applied in the cannabis industry. Here are some information that come to mind.

Energy consumption and labour cost: forecast the energy consumed and the cost of labour through cannabis operation using ecological conditions, nutrient supply, pH, Co2 and light spectrum.

Identify unhealthy marijuana leaves: recognize chronic diseases by creating a human diagnostic tool for cannabis plants.


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