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Bitcoin Gambling 2021

Only a meager number of people on the planet give any attention to crypto gambling. Only players and a few casino owners seem to be giving this platform any attention. We should add that crypto gambling plays a significant role in cryptocurrency markets. 

Case in point; back in 2018, Bitcoin casinos contributed to 50% of all Bitcoin-based transactions. To bring things into perspective, we chose to dig deeper into the Bitcoin gambling world to reveal what goes on in the deep web. 

Crypto casinos are avenues in which punters top up their wallets, create accounts, and make deposits/withdrawals using cryptocurrencies. 

At bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2021 USA which happens to be the home to the biggest and most updated online casino database defines two types of crypto casinos. 

No. 1: The first variety is considered to be a standard crypto casino, which resembles any other typical online casino, that permits players to make deposits, play, and make withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. It also demands player identification! 

No. 2: here comes in anonymous casinos, which don’t require gamers to confirm their identity at all. They only ask that gamblers provide an email and username to create a crypto wallet. platform covers 200+ casinos classified as crypto casinos. Of this number, only 32 are categorized as being anonymous. 

Crypto Gambling Popularity 

You wouldn’t be wrong in asking why crypto gambling has risen in popularity today. To quench your thirst for more info, we have to look at some of the legislation about online gambling generally speaking. 

For starters, online gambling is heavily regulated and restricted in many countries across the globe. For starters, by looking into the United States gambling history, we discover that there only exists three states that allow gambling out of the fifty.

The Unlawful Illegal Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 forbids online wagering. Fortunately, it comes with a loophole.

The act only restricts gambling in fiat currency! Unfortunately, gambling isn’t just restricted in the USA, across the planet; only 7 countries have somewhat legalized crypto gambling. These jurisdictions include the likes of; Poland, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Greece, and Italy. 

Anonymous gambling platform currently is not the option to apply for licenses. Their operations don’t conform to the requirements demanded by reputable online gambling licensing authorities.

For the majority of the planet, Bitcoin together with other crypto casinos occupies the grey area (their neither legal nor are they illegal). For punters in restricted jurisdictions with a penchant for gambling were itching for a solution. 

It came in the form of anonymous gambling that made it possible for them to gamble from the comfort of their homes. They also engage in gambling platforms that serve them with a huge number of games to select from. 

Nowadays, players don’t need to download the TOR browser to gain access to country-restricted gambling platforms. Neither do they have to use the same or visit the deep net to indulge in some crypto gambling.

Today, there exist Hidden Wikis websites that have aggregating links to certain parts of the deep internet for some gambling. The benefits being that the combination of TOR and cryptocurrencies made these platforms untraceable by the presiding authority.

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