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BookLeaf Publishing isn’t resting on its laurels when it comes to encouraging writers to be more creative, as the self-publishing company just introduced a 21-day writing programme in which participants produce a poem or write-up every day for 21 days. The writing challenge, dubbed #TheWriteAngle, offers writers the chance to have their work published as their own poetry book by BookLeaf Publishing.

Every day, all authors who sign up for the challenge will be given a form to complete out and submit a poem they’ve written for that day. There are no restrictions on the poem’s subject matter. You can write about different topics on different days.

If you are unable to write on any given day, you will be given more time.

After you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll receive the following:

Certificate of Publication

Each participating writer will receive a Certificate, which will be autographed by one of the BookLeaf Publishing’s published authors.

Publishing a book

As part of the Writing Challenge, BookLeaf Publishing will publish everything you write this month as your own book.

The details of the book publishing kit that will be shown are as follows:

  • The assignment of an ISBN number and a barcode
  • The inner layouts and design of the book will be created by us.
  • You will have access to our cover library, where you may choose from over 100+ different designs for your cover.
  • The book will be available in paperback and as an eBook.
  • Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo Books, and Barnes&Noble will all sell and distribute the book.
  • A royalty equivalent to 100% of the proceeds on sale would be paid on a monthly basis.
  • The copyrights and content of the book remain entirely in the author’s hands.
  • A publication agreement will be shared once the challenge is achieved.

Book Promotion

BookLeaf Publishing will offer you promotional materials to help you advertise your book once it’s published. They’ll also give you access to their book marketing guide, which will assist you in selling more copies.

Semi DIY Interior design tool 

Choose the things you want to include in your book in any style and in any order you desire. It’s now feasible thanks to our new poetry submission tool.

Library of Cover Designs

Don’t be limited in your choices; BookLeaf Publishing has created a bespoke cover design library for you, complete with 100+ hand-picked and curated cover designs so you may have a book cover you can be proud of.

Publishing at a Lightning-Fast Speed

BookLeaf Publishing has devised a system that is by far the most unique in the world. A user interface that allows you to edit, typeset, format, design, publish, and distribute a book in the least amount of time feasible.

Last words:

Visit for more information about #TheWriteAngle and other BookLeaf Publishing activities. BookLeaf Publishing can also be found on social media, where they are known as @bookleafpublishing

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