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How can a beginner choose the right broker

How to choose a broker that meets all your trading principles? Choosing the best broker to meet your trading goals is a major decision that is not directly related to trading when you are trading stocks. Therefore, take note of all the tips on how to choose a broker.

There are two main types of stockbrokers:

  • full profile brokers;
  • discount brokers.

Full profile brokers provide clients with a full range of services, including money management, advisory, investment research, etc. Choosing this type of stockbroker for long term investment will be your best bet if you need help in this area.

Discount brokers charge significantly lower commissions and fees for their services, but they will not offer you any additional services regarding which stock to buy and which to sell, or a retirement savings plan if you are going to do it no more in 10 years and live on what you earn earlier funds.

Online broker

With a typical web based online broker, you can open a position and place buy or sell orders directly from your browser. You don’t need to install any applications. Instead, you just need to register and go to your broker’s website, select the order screen and enter your order. In reality, it looks like you emailed them with a buy or sell order.

Order flow fee

When you execute a trade, your broker may route the order to a third party, for which he receives a certain commission. Obviously, the result for you may be that you do not receive the price that you expected due to a significant lengthening of the order execution time.

Internal execution

An online broker can fill your order from their personal stock holdings and, of course, make money from it. For them, this is good because they can avoid paying ECN fees. For you, speed. In fact, your order may not even enter the market at all. Instead, the broker executes it from his personal funds.

A direct access online broker allows you to trade directly with a market maker, specialist, or ECN through dedicated applications. The third party is automatically excluded here, and there is also no internal execution, which was mentioned earlier. You control the turnover of your orders on various exchanges.

In addition to the fees you pay for each trade, you may be charged fees for using the ECN (electronic communications network). This is a direct access system through which the order immediately enters the market on behalf of the client without the participation of a broker. Additionally, you can pay for market information. It is often included in the price of trading software.

Finding a good stockbroker is a time-consuming process. If you have a wide range of needs, there are many factors to consider. You also need to spend some time testing different trading platforms. The main thing is that for the money spent you get the good quality that the AvaTrade broker has.

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