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Maintaining proper hygiene in your business can really be seen as something that can take a back seat as it doesn’t have a high importance for sales. But this tends to be a common mistake that stands out especially when we have customers constantly coming into our premises or we have to deal with partners very frequently.


Another thing that is also affected is the performance of the employees, as they will be working in a place with poor hygiene and risking their health. And we can even find ourselves in a much worse situation if we delegate the cleaning to our employees, when they are not the ones responsible within the facility for that work and it decreases the time and quality of the work in the long run.

Being this another point in favor, employees will manage to perform better and more comfortable in a clean and well ventilated workspace. Many companies fail to have their employees clean the offices. This is not part of their functions within the organization, and it also reduces their time to continue fulfilling their activities and projects. Having professional cleaners ensures that the cleaning is thorough.


Maintaining a tidy and clean work environment protects the health of each employee and stimulates their productivity. It is not only a matter of keeping the computer in each office clean.


It is evident that the protocol to keep an office clean is not the same as that of a product factory, we know that the odors that can be produced in this as well as the dirt escalate to other levels, however, it must also maintain a control over the amount of dust that can be accumulated by the furniture, the floor and all those crystals. In the same way all this dust can end up in the ventilation system.


You cannot neglect those areas such as the bathroom or bathrooms, if you have more than one. These places are frequented by different people and it is essential to maintain extreme hygiene, so they must be cleaned thoroughly once a week.


It is not only about simply fulfilling the purpose; it is about the ability of the professionals to do it in the best possible way and the tools they have to cover all areas.

The image is something that has a lot of weight in society and the first glimpse we have of a thing or person, is what will be engraved in our minds. In the same way it happens with the establishments, to go to a place with a pleasant smell, well ventilated, with professionals who take care of their image gives more professionalism to your company. Maintaining cleanliness allows you to show the level of commitment you have.




Benefits of office cleaning


Beyond all that we have mentioned in broad strokes, we want to present those factors that, in our opinion, are the most relevant to maintain proper hygiene in offices:



Increased productivity


Keeping an organized and clean space allows employees to feel more comfortable when performing their work, this will increase the productivity of the company. Keeping the focus on what you are doing and not having things that get in the way or that need to be cleaned are basic factors for every employee.



Eliminate Distractions and Reduce Stress


Order will allow you to eliminate all distracting agents and allow employees to find the items they need with ease. In other words, this will be reflected in the time a worker can spend searching for the items they need to perform their tasks. Instead of distracting his mind on ideas such as organizing or cleaning, he can concentrate on accomplishing his objectives and achieve them in less time.

Take care of your health and avoid accidents


Bacteria, germs and viruses are everywhere, we are constantly exposed to disease and the spread of disease poses a risk to other employees. Similarly, poor hygiene conditions can lead to more serious accidents. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) reported that the vast majority of workplace accidents are due to trips, falls or slips, which reinforces the idea of maintaining the best possible conditions in all parts of the facility.


Saving money


If we change our approach, we will also notice how the accumulation of dirt can cause breakdowns or damage to electrical appliances or machinery, this means an additional cost of money, either for repair or replacement.


This only results in delaying work and wasting time. If an employee is injured or becomes ill due to poor working conditions, the company will be responsible for all damages caused.


It is important to make sure that when hiring a cleaning service this comes from a specialized company, this will allow a much more efficient process that will be reflected in the best use of working time.


Clearly opting for a cleaning service is an investment, but we must take into account that this will allow the performance and productivity of your company to be the most optimal, this in the long term brings much more benefits, contrary to what would happen if the maintenance of these spaces is not considered. Invest in the image of your company, invest in your safety and that of your employees, do not underestimate the importance of maintaining a neat workplace.

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