Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Over the years, the way attendance is marked has changed a lot. Earlier everything was maintained manually, using pen-paper, employee ID swipe, and fingerprint punching. However, the technological advancements over the past few years have made it possible to mark the attendance of those employees who aren’t present in office but are at the client’s site. Yes! Geo attendance and geo-fencing have opened a lot many possibilities to mark attendance.

Here are a few advantages, keep reading. Before that, let us understand what geo attendance and geofencing are. Geo attendance is what enables the user to mark attendance from any geographical area outside the office premise. On the other hand, geofencing is when a particular area is marked for attendance in the software. This is useful when there is an event or activity in which you want to make sure all your employees are present.

  • Remote workers can now mark their attendance- Not much time or implementation is required to use geo attendance. You just need to have an attendance software with this feature. Thereafter, you have to ask the employees to install the mobile app on their phones and after that, they can easily use the app to mark their attendance while they are out of the office due to office related work.
  • High level of customization is possible- The new age attendance software allows the employer to make dynamic plans. The software can be customized for marking attendance at various locations. Your employees may be working from the client’s location for days, or months; in such a scenario, you can fence or mark that area so that whenever the employee reaches that location, his attendance is marked.
  • Making better and smarter decisions is possible- When you have the whereabouts of every employee, especially the sales team, you are in a better position to make decisions. The manager can decide which employee should be sent to which prospect’s location for the demo.
  • Easy integration with other modules is also doable- Just like a normal attendance software integrated with the biometric device is synced with payroll software for easy calculation, the one with geo attendance and fencing can also be synced.
  • Improvement in employee experience is also there- Marking attendance become really easy with geo attendance and geo-fencing. This contributes to a better employee experience. Without an attendance software inclusive of geo attendance, it becomes very straining for the employees to maintain a record of their demo visits and time for the whole day. Moreover, getting it approved becomes another major pain in the neck.

Now you must have got a fair idea of how crucial it is to have an advanced attendance software. Without it, it will become herculean for the employees and employers to keep a track of their work hours and hence pay them what they should be getting. Besides, the software also helps in increasing productivity, saving time, and making employees more efficient.

So, begin your search for a geo attendance software now!

Author Bio: Saajan Sharma is a digital marketer at HR-One. He likes to read actively on upcoming HR trends and how HR is reshaping the business landscape. He likes to write actively about payroll software, attendance management software and HR software.

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