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HR Software Enable Managers to Motivate their Staff

A vast amount of employees are now working from home and while many elements of an organisation can still run smoothly during this time, there is one aspect that can quickly lag and that is staff motivation. Keeping motivation high isn’t just about productivity, staff who aren’t feeling motivated often have lower morale and with increasing uncertainty in 2020, it can even diminish their mental health.

Especially within large organisations, maintaining and boosting motivation can be increasingly difficult when staff are no longer physically present. Communication is key and Cezanne’s HR software is one of the best ways to ensure this is done as well as possibly with not just colleagues within the same office, but employees all around the world. This is even more essential than ever as intermittent travel bans are often preventing travel between international offices.

We take a look at some of the top ways this HR software can help to motivate employees during the pandemic and while they are working remotely.

1. Celebrating Achievements

Any win, big or small, should always be acknowledged and by doing so in 2020, it provides that much-needed feel good factor that many of us are missing out on.

Acknowledgment and appreciation of achievements can go a long way and this doesn’t have to stop at work achievements either. With many of our favorite hobbies on hold for now, why not celebrate any good news that may have occurred in personal lives too.

This could be something big, such as an engagement or birth of a child, or even the little things like finally nailing how to make homemade bread or finishing a DIY project that had been put off for many months.

Using a human resource software portal, this news can be shared to everyone and allow conversations to be had and congratulations to be passed between colleagues, as close to that casual water cooler conversation as we can get during this time.

It may seem small, but praise can go a long way and really boost the mortal and motivation nut just for those who are being celebrated but the rest of their team as well.

2. Idea Sharing

Tasks and projects often come with a lot of problem solving and being able to bounce off of colleagues is not as easy as it once was. 

Busy working days and Zoom fatigue can lead to many being reluctant to jump on yet another video call to try and problem solve and come up with creative ideas and it can lead to mediocre results. When tasks seem to become mindless and creativity can’t flow as well as it could, employees can quickly turn-off and become demotivated.

Human resource information software provides a perfect platform idea to be shared and collated, without having to add yet another tedious video call to the calendar. Teams can collaborate easily and bounce ideas off each other, with all the information in one place so it can easily be referred to as well.

3. Work-Life Balance 

Working from home all day then having to also spend most of our free time indoors, it can be hard to separate the two. It’s essential for employees to be able to separate their work and personal life otherwise they can easily become overworked and become burned out and unmotivated.

Even when employees do leave their homes, personal devices can cause a constant flow or work-related notifications that they can’t escape from and this ‘always working’ culture isn’t healthy on our mind.

HRM software can be used as the main means of communication between employees, managers and even other offices. Many of these systems provide a way to manage time and logins.

This means that staff will have to consciously login to the portal to receive messages and won’t always feel like they are being barraged with notifications. HR teams can even set time limits to when people can log in, this can be beneficial for those who have been furloughed who are limited to what they can and can’t do in their roles, otherwise it could lead to hefty fines.

4. Looking After Mental Health

If mental health drops, motivation will fall quickly and could be severe. It’s difficult to monitor mental health from afar, but it is essential that businesses look after their employees, pandemic or not.

At the same time, the stigma that is still attached to mental health, even in this day and age, can prevent many employees from reaching out for help. Using HR software to provide a space to accessing resources and even completing anonymous questionnaires can help employees get the advice and support they need while also allowing HR to see correlations in mental health issues and provide the right support as soon as possible.

Motivated employees don’t just get more work done, they produce better quality of work and feel generally more fulfilled in their role,

meaning you are less likely to lose them to a competitor.

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