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How Can I Find an Electrician Apprenticeship

Are you looking to become an electrical apprentice? The first step is to find a good organization that’ll give you the best experience and skills. Becoming an apprentice is one of the paths to becoming a licensed electrician. You can get exposure to real-life situations through on-the-job training while grasping the core practices in classroom lessons. Here is an overview of how to find an electrician apprenticeship: 

Review Apprenticeship Requirements

Apprenticeship programs have general requirements. You should be of legal age and hold a high school diploma. Having a reliable way to commute and the ability to work independently and as part of a group may be other requirements. 

Some organizations feature an aptitude test, while others examine your math and reading comprehension skills. Reviewing the requirements allows you to brush up on your skills and polish your profile to be the ideal candidate for an apprenticeship.  

Choose the Type of Electrician Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships fall into two primary categories: union and non-union. When looking for a program, you should consider which option you prefer. You might be more comfortable with one than the other. Non-union apprenticeship requires formal education through a trade school where you earn an electrical certificate. 

These programs may be easier to get into, and the application process is similar to seeking a conventional job. Union apprenticeships can be harder to get into but offer much better opportunities. The pay is negotiated by the union representatives, which could result in higher amounts. Apprentices pay working dues from the start. Look for unions in your local area to find the best opportunities.

Compare Different Apprenticeship Programs

Applying for an apprenticeship is straightforward once you’ve determined the best program for your goals. Programs may not vary greatly, but the location, remuneration, working hours, and job availability differ. Here are the top aspects of reviewing when comparing electrician apprenticeship programs:

1. Location

If you live in a city, you’re better off finding an apprenticeship in the area that offers easier commuting. Choosing the closest location can reduce commuting between your home and workplace. 

2. Job Availability

The goal of an apprenticeship is exposure to real-life electrical work. You need programs to get the most jobs in different homes and commercial buildings. Some apprenticeships experience job scarcity, which may lead to less experience in the field.

3. Electrician Specialties

Apprenticeships allow you to select a specialty when applying for the opportunity. You can apply to become a residential wireman, outside lineman, inside wireman, or VDV installer technician. The specialty you choose will impact how long the program takes.

4. Working Wages

Becoming an apprentice is an agreement to learn the trade and work under low wages. Programs pay differently, so you should review how much each offer proposes. Union apprenticeships pay the best wages and are more competitive to get into.

Fill Out the Apprenticeship Application 

The final phase of finding an apprenticeship is to fill out the application and wait to be interviewed. You can apply to become an apprentice through the official website. Apprenticeships take students a few times each year, so you might wait several weeks before getting a response.

The organization can invite you for an interview if you meet the basic requirements. Interviews involve different questions to confirm your interests, expectations, and goals. You should arrive on time and pay attention during the interviews. 

Leading Electrician Apprenticeship Programs

You should choose the best electrician apprenticeship program in your area. Determine your objectives and review each program before applying. Prepare for different outcomes as you might not get accepted at your favorite program or on your first attempt. You can apply multiple times if determined to take a specific program. Working with leading apprenticeship programs gives you the best chance of advancing your career as an electrician.

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