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How Can I Get Student Visa for Canada from Pakistan

Canada is one of the most admirable country in the world. If you want to apply for any Student Visa, make Canada your priority. In this country, you will get many benefits related to your studies, such as scholarships. Canada Prime Immigration helps you get any Visa about Canada.

Why should you choose Canada for immigration?

It is one of the famous countries, and the reputation of Canada is excellent. It is a country that has many immigrants than any other country. Every year 250,000 immigrants enter Canada, from which 100,000 are students.

Here are some reasons that make you apply for immigration in Canada from Pakistan. First, the economy of Canada is vital because many immigrants every year enter this country rather than others such as Japan, Italy. This country provides affluence and strength to the immigrants. That is why they choose this country.

This country allows everyone to live with freedom; for this reason, it attracts a large audience. However, even the people of this country never disrespect anyone’s culture and provide a high quality of living to the immigrants.

You know that people want a high level of education and this country’s education system is very well. The study in Canada is affordable even they provide scholarships to students. If you want to apply for a Student Visa from Pakistan, choose a Canadian country. You will get many benefits related to your education, like scholarships; even you can apply for a part-time job to meet your expenses.

Which universities are best in Canada for students?

Every Canadian university is good for higher-level education, but the best universities are as follows:

  • Best University of Waterloo
  • University of Toronto
  • The University of Calgary
  • Brandon University
  • Winnipeg University
  • Humber College
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • Concordia University Montreal
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Windsor
  • Dalhousie University
  • University of Regina

These universities are top of the universities in Canada. These provide a higher level of education and even different scholarship programs for international students according to their study scores. They also offer many other benefits to students related to studies. Even they allowed students to do the job to meet the daily expenses of their life quickly.

How can you get Student Visa for Canada?

If you want to apply for a Canadian Student Visa, it consists of two methods:

  • Online
  • On paper

If you apply online, you have to submit your application and all documents online. But if you want to use it on paper, you have to visit a company for your visa program. Canada Prime Immigration is one of the famous visa companies that help many people take visas. In these steps, you will get Student Visa for Canada from Pakistan:

Student Visa for Canada

First of all, your application gets submitted then further process starts. After this, you have to take a medical exam. Then, you have to provide biometrics with your application, such as your pictures, fingerprints, etc. Next, you have to deliver certificated such as no criminal record because these are important for security purposes. Finally, you have to provide different proofs, such as you will leave the country after your visa expiry date.

Secondly, you have to give interviews related to your visa program because it is compulsory. The Student visa duration is up to your course duration and three months. You have to renew your Visa every year during your degree program. But if you want to stay in Canada even after your degree completion, you have to apply for a different visa program.

How much do you have to pay for your Student Visa?

You will have to pay 150CAD for your study visa permit. You can pay this fee in any way such as online, bank transfer, and through a visa company to Canadian University. Even you have to pay 85CAD for your biometrics and your medical exam.

What type of documents will you need for your Visa?

The main proof you have to provide is supporting yourself during your study program. For example, if you apply for Quebec City, you should have 917CAD, but if you use other cities for a study program, you should have 833CAD/month in your bank account. In addition, you have to provide an English proficiency letter, medical test, no criminal record proof.

Which visa company is best to choose for Visa?

Canada Prime Immigration is one of the best companies for Visa which helps many people to get visas from Pakistan for Canada. The staff members of this company completely guide you, and they are so cooperative or sound manner they will provide little information about your Student Visa program for Canada.


Studying abroad for higher education is the dream of every student. So, complete your plan with the best CPI guidelines and achieve your life-related goals for your higher education.

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