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How can I improve my Google My Business performance

Are you interested to know about Google My Business and how to improve its performance? Well, you will know about it in this article. 

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool for optimizing business profiles on the Google search engine. There are 167 billion searches performed on the Google search engine platform every month. Hence, it is essential to increase visibility in the search engine result. 

Google My Business tool helps business listing. It allows potential customers to find out, engage, and learn about your business quickly- all from the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

And It’s completely FREE. 

Think about running an SEO Company, but your local audience couldn’t discover you nearby. That’s not good, is it?

By improving GMB performance, customers can easily connect you with your business profile across Google Search and Maps. So, it is necessary to know about the proper use of this tool. 

You will acquire some knowledge on how to improve your business profile by using the Google My Business tool by reading this article.

How to Get Google My Business (GMB):

Importance of Google My Business (GMB)

  • Google My Business’s Tools: Google My Business is a free tool for managing a local business that emerges across Google products. It is a digital marketing solution to promote local businesses in the local search engine results. This tool helps to find out a business location, phone number, website, etc. It also ensures that the business is verified or unverified. As an SEO expert, it is critical for your business to follow these guidelines.
  • Managing its Tools: It needs some tools to use Google My Business. There are various tools, such as location tools, contact tools, sale tools, review tools, etc. These tools have to be maintained correctly. Without maintaining its tools, you will not get the perfect result in the search engine result.
  • Assess the Process: The service providers appraise their process. They also take surveys from their customers. The service provider takes additional measures according to customers’ reviews. 
  • Support Services: Sometimes, customers need extra services for fixing technical issues. Service providers update their existing tools to enhance security and movement. 

How to Improve Google My Business’ performance

  • Update Business Status: Sometimes, you may notice that the search engine result does not show your business in your area. You should update your business information accurately and completely in Google My Business (GMB) to ensure it. It helps to show your business in your area with relevant searches.
  • Insert Entire Data: Local search results usually prefer relevant results for every search. The complete and specific information of a business makes it easier to suit relevant search results. It is essential to ensure your data is up to date in terms of your business changes. So, you should input your complete business data in Google My Business (GMB). It helps users to know where you are, what you do, and when you can visit, etc.

Provide these data into the GMB:

  • Physical Address
  • Phone Number
  • Category
  • Attributes.


  • Verify Location: To get better results in the Google search engine for your business, verify your locations in your Google My Business account (GMB). It shows your business across Google products such as Search and Maps in your local search results.
  • Keep Accurate Hours: It is important to regularly update your business hours in Google My Business (GMB), including when your business opens and closes, events, and special hours during holidays. Accurate hours info helps to know shoppers when business is available. It also increases the confidence of shoppers because they know when the business is open or close.
  • Manage and Reply Reviews: Users respond to your business with some reviews sometimes. You should reply to those reviews. It presents a positive vibe to your customers. It also shows that you appreciate your customers’ feedback. Positive and quality reviews from your customers help to grow your business visibility. It also increases the possibility of shoppers visiting your business location. 
  • Add Photo: To show your services and goods, you should add some photos of your business activities to your profile. It tells your business stories. The attractive and accurate images present shoppers with your products. Users can quickly get the desired products that they are searching for. It increases credibility between businesses and shoppers.

How to Determine Google Local ranking

  • Relevance: Relevance usually refers to how your business profile suits the local search results and what users are searching for. So, add accurate and detailed business information to your Google My Business profile. As a result, Google can understand your business motive and harmonize your business profile with related searches. 
  • Distance: Distance denotes the location of the business in the search result. It shows how far every search result is from the users’ location in terms of search results. Add your accurate business location. Consequently, the search result helps to calculate the distance for users to get the business location. 
  • Fame: It refers to how your business is popular. Some companies are more famous in the offline world. Usually, search results reflect according to the local ranking. For example, landmark hotels, famous museums, favorite brands, etc. are traditional to be leading in local search results. 

Benefits of Using Google My Business (GMB)

  • Enhance Sales and Traffic: Google My Business enhances the sales and traffic of your business. As local businesses can not maintain quality websites with increasing traffic and keep it steady. 

But Google My Business (GMB) can list your business. It helps to boost your business numbers across the search board. Some statistics have shown that Google My Business increases 70% attraction. Users also express their satisfaction to see any business in the search engine result. Consequently, it makes trust between businesses and shoppers. So, sales and traffic increase automatically.

  • Increase Visibility on Google Maps and Search: One of the most significant benefits of having a Google My Business account is to increase visibility on Google Maps and Searches. Google My Business profiles develop Local “3-pack” and Google Maps in search results. When a user searches anything in Google search, they will see a top three list. This listing is usually booked for Google Adwords advertisements known as “paid search.” On the other hand, the Local 3-pack is used for listing your business seven to ten results in the Google search. The GMB listing is more affordable compared to paid advertisements. So, your business’s visibility increases on Google Maps and Search. As a result, users can easily find out your business in the Google search with an accurate Google Maps direction. 

A quick tip: you can run a quick audit of your site utilizing White Label SEO tools to identify the issues affecting your SERP performance. Improving Google My Business performance does not completely improve your search exposure. You must also improve the performance of your website. And SEO software can assist you in accomplishing this.


  • Boost Ratings: With Google My Business (GMB) listing, customers can express their reviews about your business activities and services. Honest evaluations, you will get in terms of what your business is doing better. They can also leave their feedback to see it for other people. Positive reviews and ratings depend on your better assistance. Afterward, your business will get a useful star rating. You will collect more positive reviews and higher ratings according to your quality products delivery and quality experiences. It boosts your positive ratings. It also helps your business to compete with nearby other businesses. 


  • Gain Trust from Clients: Sometimes, customers face some trust to purchase with confidence. It is one of the biggest hindrances to convince customers. Google My Business helps to gain trust between shoppers and businesses. Because Google My Business points to the actual location of the business for potential customers to see. Accurate location increases the confidence of potential customers. Google also verifies your business with multiple steps. These verifications ensure that it is a brand. And thus, Google makes a reliable environment. As a result, users can easily rely on the verified business.


  • Point Accurately in Google Map Search: It is essential to show your business in Google Maps accurately. Most people use the Google Maps app on their smartphones. It is also useful for a quick Google search for anything with an accurate location. Most customers use Google maps for locating businesses nearby. Google Maps always indicates business categories by some marking. This marking helps to find customers’ preferred search results. Creating a profile on Google My Business allows your business listing in Google Maps with some verification steps. As a result, your business will show in Google Maps in an accurate direction. It is a great advantage for a business. 


  • Boost Engagement: Google My Business (GMB) profile delivers extensive possibilities for engagement. Potential clients can access their preferred business call or website with one click. The most exciting thing about Google My Business is that customers can reserve or book their appointment by listing directly. It is an additional benefit of having an account in Google My Business.


  • Show Higher Rank in Google Search Result: Sometimes, Google search results show a higher rank about your business if Google likes your business more. It depends on your business performance. Google always observes your business, such as supply quality, accurate information, consistency, etc. If you deliver better performance, Google will tell customers about your business. Consequently, your business shows in the search engine results with a higher rank. 


  • Free Google Advertising: Running an ad campaign in Google is an expensive way to keep top of your ad’s search results. You need to pay for driving your ad in the first place of the search result. There is also another way to keep your ad on the first page by using SEO. But SEO is basically content-driven. Though the SEO method is more steady, it is a time-consuming process. But, Google My Business (GMB) listing offers you free advertising on Google. It is more affordable than paid search advertising. It is also faster than SEO. 


  • Cost-Effective: Google My Business is a free business listing. Google is one of the largest search engine platforms on the internet. So Google My Business puts your business on the search engine listing for bringing potential customers. There are several famous directories online for various industries, like Google My Business (GMB). Though the listing process sometimes comes at a monthly or yearly fixed cost. Its listing process provides your potential customers effortless access to your business phone number, website, hours of operation, direction, etc. Customers get that information with just one click without any cost. Free Google My Business profile also delivers its clients review ratings, busiest business hours, inside look of your business, etc. So, you can not deny that it is a budget-friendly tool than any other platform. 

Google My Business is beneficial for local businesses. It is a gift from the internet for us. It helps to expand a local business. Using this tool, business owners can get informed about the clients’ reviews, preferences, tastes, etc. Briefly, it provides visibility of a business without any cost in a short time. 

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