Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
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Safety is of utmost importance in today’s world. Due to the pandemic, most countries had to take a hard decision of imposing lockdowns. It meant that all public gatherings were cancelled, all shops closed and all public places or events were banned. Everyone would have to stay indoors and keep away from each other to stop the infection from spreading. This action caused problems for many, but at the same time, it was important to ensure that the health system of a country would not be pressured. Hence, the lockdown. But with the vaccination in full swing and lesser infection cases coming up, the lockdown is being lifted. But if we don’t want to head towards another lockdown, each one of us needs to take precautions.

Shops will be opening soon and due to the public nature of it, one needs to prepare well. London jewellers too must take precautions to ensure that they and the customers who visit are safe. Here are a few ways or suggestions, this can be done.

  • Mandate masks

Using a mask can make a huge difference in curbing the spread of the virus and keeping customers safe. Therefore, if a jewellery store could mandate the use of a mask for entry, it can provide a safe environment for the store personnel and the customer. A shop or a showroom is an enclosed place which means, that if an asymptomatic infected person comes in without a mask, the chance of spreading the virus increases. That is why a simple use of masks can create a safe work environment.

  • Keep sanitiser stations

Once the shops open, having sanitisers ready for customers can be a huge benefit. Not everyone will keep a sanitiser with them and hence it is easier to keep sanitisers in the jewellery store. People may come looking for different jewellery pieces such as engagement ring London and they may want to try it on. Because jewellery is expensive, jewellers allow buyers to try the piece out before making a purchase. Again, sanitizers in the store can keep their hands clean and make sure the infection doesn’t pass on through jewellery pieces.

  • Maintain distance

Social distancing has been mandated because of its benefits in keeping people safe. A jewellery store must maintain a safe distance when the staff interact with customers. If the staff stands behind a counter, then that is great – additional distance and protection. The billing counter could be behind a glass panel for additional safety too.

  • Schedule appointments

Any store or shop has a limited capacity in terms of the people it can hold. Thus, to avoid crowds of customers coming in, a scheduling system may be of help. If you can, then do book prior appointments. Customers may come in looking for various things – lab grown diamonds UK, gold jewellery etc. and no one can say at what time how many will come.

  • Avoid handling cash

The virus can survive on surfaces long enough and if someone touches that, then infection becomes a possibility. Cash is also one such thing through which the virus can transmit and it must be handled properly. If you can, then try making and accepting payments electronically.

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